Among The Crew Who Drew Blanks

26 Sep

Among The Crew Who Drew Blanks

Among The Crew Who Drew Blanks


Date: Thu Sep 26, 1996 6:50:46 PM

Seems Chris got demoted in his very first week from the very same job Tim was similarly booted. Among the crew who drew blanks, a mysterious series of dominoes is toppling. Appears Chris also did not get all liquored up to spill his guts to Tim. It was simply a matter of Tim calling Chris to find out why all this recent tardiness which resulted in yet another corporate fizzle for aspiring dispatchers, and the conversation drifted, as Tim put it. Mmmmm...

Quite interesting. Two spectres come immediately to mind. Primarily one wonders why Chris would even purpose (see previous note) to repeat something he has heard and found of enough vulgarity to warrant the obligatory higher moral stance of withdrawal and subsequent pooh poohing of the GT method of crashing the gates of linguistic good taste. After all, if a thought is vulgar to the original hearer's ears should it not stand to reason that the passing of this vulgarity to others only compounds the alleged crime, while the smoking glove now changes hands? The fact that Gabriel's words nearly ten days later warranted repeating in the course of gentle chat, even without the self-protecting salve of alcohol, infers something about the nature of the words or thoughts themselves. This was no mere passing slur uttered by some social incompetent. Some insight has been proffered, some interest tweaked...

The second spectre is this: why has Chris suddenly been remiss in showing for work according to plan and enthusiasm he exibited that weekend prior to his first day on the new job. Perhaps he has been preoccupied with some evil sexual or political, bathykolpian or anopisthographic thoughts put into his writerly head by a stranger...

Frankly, as details are very sketchy at best, this mystery only deepens when one considers what Tim reported Chris said to him sometime last weekend. I was completely baffled, and Tim acted like he didn't have a handle on the dibs yet himself when Chris was lobbying in these words, "Let's do again what we did last weekend."

When I wondered aloud what that could possibly mean in the context of Chris Baylocker finding his first day at the Dollhouse quite repugnant, Tim echoed the same. Of course, all I could do at that point was roll my eyes and sigh, Tim being notorious for dripping details one at a time over a matter of hours, days, weeks, yet all the time claiming complete ignorance as to what he knows or doesn't know. This whole stagnant mystery gig has the bathykolpia of a skunk and the stripes of a gorilla. Nothing makes any sense. Damn, man, I actually LIKED this couple of would-be friends of Tim's, but this coy crap really reeks...Must be drugs involved. Makes certain folks behave mysteriously at large. Give me beer. Flush the rest. Mark my words. Drugs...


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