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20 Nov


Track Record Trixie


Date: Fri Nov 20, 1998 10:17:53 AM

Forgot to tell you, sweetstockings, but I put a recruiting ad in next week's City Paper yesterday in hopes of initiating that Macintosh Webmasters SIG we so desperately need in this city of drones. As usual, after two direct emails weeks apart asking for any sort of details he might provide and offering my all (to the fellow who first contacted me from WAP), that line of support has produced nothing. I dunno about that WAP crowd. They really slap it on thick in publishing feel-good testimonies about how helpful their "volunteers" have been to "thousands of desperate Mac users" in EVERY issue of the rag for the five or six years we've been members, but this is the third or fourth straight opportunity I've asked to be helped, and simply get blown off. Kinda reminds me of the Jehovah's Witness style of evangelism, all this rah rah self-love stuff.

As mem'ry serves there was the BBS question a couple of years ago where we were literally laughed at over the phone The HTML group in Annapolis a year or so ago where I was hardly encouraged to join their two or three gathered, and now this webmaster snub.

Well, I just got off the phone with the WAP office. Seems my contact has been entertaining family from Iceland for the past month, and you can surmise the rest. Okay. Back in the loop. Office manager Beth said to wait until after this weekend, and try to contact Pat Fauquet once again et cetera ad nauseum...

So besides discovering Pat Fauquet is a woman, at least I've put out the call to City Paper readers to build our own group, but we know my track record for attracting much less keeping a group together for anything worthwhile...

Born to go it alone with my baby buckets,


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