My Brave New World In South Carolina

24 Nov


A Brave New World


Hey Maude, me again! Upbeat? Well, I do find a more perfected joy in building on the Internet, as I've told you before. It's not in the same range as a book, but the creative juices can certainly flow, and perhaps a couple of books will follow. I have added a suite of new powerful features to my web toolbox, and am busy learning the programming skills so that I can offer these to potential clients. THAT makes me happy, and today's been a good day. Those two letters I wrote just now are the first of any sort of lengthy communication I've written in quite some time. That also made me feel good, despite the despressing nature of the writing.

Very soon now I have to leave for the hospital to return this huge jug of acetic acid-spiked 24-hours worth of urine sampling. Will let you know the results of all the tests whenever I hear from the doctor, what a week or so, I dunno. Meanwhile, keep a soft spot in your heart for me. I'm not all sad, it just seems sadness is the most relevant of my psychological features. The burden of strong achievement is not the stuff of candy canes and daffodils, although I've been fortunate to have enjoyed a lion's share of both. I simply live large and live in the extremes, so my bursts of joy are as booming and infectious as my sadness is merely dull. Nuff said.

Am hoping I land this girl's softball league account that's within reach. My contact is on the board of directors which will be meeting this Thursday. I'm excited about that. How about Anna? Will she be joining leagues any time soon? She's still a mite young I suppose, but I read they start them young these days for any competive edge their parents and trainers can muster, if talent shows itself early on.

Will get around to putting up some more Fripp pictures requiring your help soon I reckon, but I usually just work in a certain direction riding pure inertia until the winds change (or I get bored and switch gears) and I'm off in some other direction for a spell. That's both the pleasure and the flaw of working home alone without deadlines and imposed structures to obey. Anything goes. Especially if one has grandiose ambitions with so much always to do, and nothing done today is wasted time since it is already on the very long list of things to do anywaze...

We haven't made any solid plans for Boston yet, but I'm aware that we should get on the stick if we don't want to find ourselves without reservations. Ok. How's your December shaping up?

Long beards and red sox, teasing jolly old saint nix and laughing all the way to my brave, new world in South Carolina...


P.S. Did Karen EVER get a laptop, and an Email account???

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