Breath Of Fresh Air From An Israeli

09 Feb




Lior—my name is Gabriel, and I saw your vigorous display of pro-Israeli energy and wanted to commend you. To my own dismay, I seem to be surrounded by self-loathing (and not a few self-loving) anti-Zionists, many of them fellow Jews themselves, who cry crock tears and hurl invectives at anyone who implies their pro-Arab position is illogical, cruel, and to put a finer point on it, simply evil (to side with those murderous thugs). These hard left neo-Marxists space cadets hooked on childish idealism tend to be Naderites (with grown up hippy sensitivities to be sure), and while I can agree with many of Nader's crusades during the course of his long activist career, and though I was briefly stimulated by Ron Paul's constitutionalist approach to what ails us in America, I know I will probably support McCain Palin in the end, after early support for Guiliani. Living in the nation's capital, however, renders my vote nil due to a 80-20 opposition party electorate. All that's fine, but peripheral to my main point.

It was your no holds barred enthusiasm for the raw naked truth in terms of identifying the apocalyptic madness which thrives in the Middle East, and in knowing which side in this raging war is simply a totalitarian death cult that thrives on blood and hatred, and refusing to kowtow to it. Thanks for being a breath of fresh air.

I blog on these issues at my website as well as paint large and small canvas works, many of which deal with this problem, but you should see the faces of people who think I am daring to cast a doubt on Islamic purity with some of my juxtapositions. This left-wing head in the sand behavior stuns me daily,

Well, I tagged you as a friend. Meanwhile, stay bold, stay safe. Unfortunately, both of these states of well-being seem to be diminishing in this culture as fast as the Leftist-Islamic propaganda machine can snuff it out in this PC-crippled multicultural-choked land of ours.

Multiculturalism is great in theory and practice among friendly peoples, but a truth-stifling disaster among enemies. But its awful beat marches onward...



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