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11 Feb


Circa 1997


Excellent! Certainly ranks high on the "Steve"-per-paragraph factor. <;-) Odd, I see the Steve you're describing there, and I want to think that I'm over part of that stage, the not-following-through part, that is. I don't ask for salvation overnight, but as long as I'm heading in the right direction... Perhaps we'll find out. I'm not sure when I'll be working this weekend, but if our schedules and the weather permit, would you be interested in a little more tossing/hitting the ball around? Let me know—I'm jonesin' for a little softball. Plus, I gotta get sharp for the season... Peace. Love. Good wood.

Certainly on the ball thing. I've got some early Saturday plans, but the remainder is open as best I can project. Thanks for the SET seal of approval on the Fevers. I had suddenly found myself quite depressed and unable to motivate in this past half hour thinking, well not really thinking, but somehow feeling the text wouldn't ride well, wouldn't measure up to your own good graces, since as you say, it's Steve-heavy, but now that the worse is over perhaps I'll be able to generate the rest of the tale in a more timely fashion.


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