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Only If You Wash Me

08 Sep

Ageless quarrel made of universal matter,
I introduce us as the welcomed one
Grooming the gods and blaming no one
Except those who believe it doesn't matter.

The Silent Connie from Corpus Christi
Who knew the night to take her breath away,
Gave it freely to kiss holy
The frail man of ancient money.
Into his breasts were blown blankettes for her stay,
Milk and honey words placed before them.
(Is this a picnic arrangement or something
Honoring nude dancer worship between them?)
And when the left-handed artist put them in a painting,
Into his bleeding eyes
She poured her healing rush.

Go about your business,
Do what you will,
Dead honesty provides for you,
He whispered so that all could hear.
(The guildrunners smiled at these winning words,
as Lucifer's breath scattered those ready to sneer.)
Any of your wetnesses,
You must witness them here.
Gone about sheer destiny stripping
Clean of every wordless fear,
Describe the city juggernaut
To the race often come near.

A lion walks the progress line alone
Lately behind dark places unknown
To the readers of bookless questions shown
Likely to rub raw jaw bone to jaw bone
Yet willing to speak in decision
To drink a beer
With her talking of loving

To learn the tongue of yet her mouth
And praise the unwilted way
Along the solemn fast parade
Of bodies novel parting quick mouth.

Very good they are together she thinks.

Naked telephone,
Why have you voiced frank silences
Deported in ritual to the border of grievances
We suspect we own?
The rise and fall of something earlier,
Instructs another silence pause inspirational, breeding
Merciful noises as each willing cause shifts
Its shape upon her face freely.

Oh wake up bitch and smell the azaleas!
The dam is burst! Ocean Silent Consuela!
Consult with him now because I know
We aren't fit to be labeled strangers,
Just old friends
Hearing the hurrying children grow.
Take your eyes and plant them
Among the Nuclear Islands, where
There swims something someone
Left you in his will be done
Across dry beds of summer freely.

You have known the September Monk.

Yet in achievement of absolute goodness,
Sometimes the sentences jam
Themselves in traffic protecting the evening lamb
From the flood of lying freely.

When he nuzzles her and listens to secular eternity,
Inalienable illusions poison unfading reality,
Pouring liquid role into dreamy feats freely
Past frenzy into grace in a twinkling.
Women of inertia,
You changed into an unwed girl
Not silly but measured like an ageless pearl
Becomes when joy smiles freely, governing
The aisle of annoyance's exact look.
Proceed sounding your road,
Knowing I stroll unrobbed of innocense by plot,
Disrobing the figures dawning unprepared
To cash in utter allowance
This cutters' brand of passion,
Circulating among my members freely.

Scandal and omniscience were lamenting our pose,
And I don't remember
Were they wearing propaganda clothes,
Praising poor artists with nostrils still wet,
Wanted for performance and a message that grows,

Across the belly of a forgotten poll
We fly from role to role
Wading through weeds of validity.

(The symptoms stole the attempt.)

[ 1981, Corpus Christi, TX ]

Autonomous Gazer

21 Jul

We are spaceless stars
doing distance mocking intrigue.

We provoke smut
into the gutted promises
leftover from carbon ages, pumping
each pillow we keep
locked inside

We, like unwanted parentheses, dock
blackbone vigil histories spirited
like single file tortures
by sound, by
apparition. Music in nude.
We are clever winks of spring,
body wind weeping over ancient voices
our parents and dictation keep,
last year's immutable thing.

And even in wet compilations,
we flutter without flock,
indignantly unclocked. No limit.
without ticket stub, ink stamp
or laser beam, we
gather on empty pages
and sky every planet
you request.

We call the bluff
mind patterns swimming thalassic high seas
cast upon dry nets looping the autonomous gazer,
each passing hour its own disease
or zenith licking fastfaze
our matrix razor.

We give good gladiator glare
sweeping the nightclubs, flamingly
assuming glacier tongues, salads of the mainstream
silently stroke around tossed memories, frozen
syllables lost to indifference. We plan
no Wildean head, might fall drunken giants
instead. Dismissal we wear on our sleeve.
We wrap our sins in striped cloth,
losing utter regard in a raw
common bed-boot prayer
stance. We believe.

Our nadirs glow like virgins
in love.

We bathe in mystical quiche
to ease us into outland mirrors,
sandwiching our matter of facts incognito
with a conscience of mayonaisse. We lust
for a quickie, taking all begotten bets
to paved audiences gawking thrift,
cruising eager avenues darkened
for solitude,

where social poverty sits in mood
inspecting its manly stool,
sunshine first laughing then just grinning,
unlocking negligibly static garters disguising
vacant choices wandering eyes damply
thrust toward beginning reason. New jokes
for new dancers. That's the only rule.

And we search new words
for contraband.

[ 1981, Corpus Christi, TX ]

Yellow Shirts (Death of a Prostitute)

22 Apr

Crayons, crayons, crayons
crayons, crayons, crayons
crayons blowtorch, crayons edgework
crayons, crayons, crayons—yellow shirts
construct clever angles the still merely coping
find new energy to measure!

The hungry prostitute
followed the also slim dark man
fist first into translation alley

where she opened her yellowing blouse.
There fixated no mounds of erotic flesh,
merely several bright reddish-pink scars
countercrossing her vocal rib-cage,
nary a quip existing.

The man not usually the man
dared not gaze nor acknowledge her story, but
reached past dirty lining of empty pockets in gesture
he expected her to understand like clockwork.
Birds of prey sniffed the searchlight air
as she then pulled up borrowed
orange skirt to reveal

coarse frontiers of rife wiry soldiers rising up past her navel
famous and down around her anus. He recognized her
as a fantasy Greek whore fallen from lukewarm grace
shared by her people before the roadbuilders enslaved
her family of talents and trick questions.

Crayons, crayons, crayons
crayons, crayons, crayons
crayons freemount, crayons junkmail
crayons, crayons, crayons—black shirts
instruct beneath 20-year warranty shingles
each vendor vows to insure!

The homebound black man,
ear to the cold stones of the slain past
and frequent remorse spit at him
turning away to walk like Sudan
into a book of warm testaments
jawbone empires of the trade
have cast onto his jaspered milieu.

The prostitute
who now called herself Raferti
in honor of a former lover now threading the eye of America
began screaming the foils of rape only her attacker seemed
to hear with one ear besting the cold stones
the street gives rest. "I am a proud Macedonian woman!"
(buffering the dream state of static language)
she pleaded as if meaning was hers to give
in this twilight part of town
where shadows play night whispers
for a cheap grin despite yesterday's oil
at tomorrow's market prices.

The raven suitor,
whipped into a frenzy,
required stitches near his clutch of duty
as I came drunk into the picture
spinning a globe relief on my index finger
hiding a nearby rock which he found to fiercely crush the poor
maven's skull. "White bitch!" he mumbled as he tore away the skirt
making himself a bandana. Soon a crowd had gathered to hear
him explain how he had to beat off the woman who had
tried to rob him of his manhood,
shouting racist slurs
when he refused to buckle to her will. The commoners
in their way pitched fair, impressed by his oral defense,
better secretly knowing the stranger was hardly
an example of local slavery
where sadness schemes free blood
not random violence.

Crayons, crayons, crayons
crayons, crayons, crayons
crayons motionlure, crayons courtesybound
crayons, crayons, crayons—red shirts
hugging the courier sweeping away jet engine residue
each summed difference makes to another in similar
designs along the surface of the thief's jaw!

There stood near the well of Bar-Lipscotch
a young Lebanese poet. His name was Gibran,
identical in trespass as another
Lebanese poet gaining fame in frisky Boston
earlier in the century. Young Gibran drew up a drink
of water, not because he was thirsty, but because
he was jealous of the owner of the well, after
failing to woo the daughter of a nearby oil shiek.
Despite his words of humble glory and rich scarlet
the poet had been turned away by her, and the father
threatened to have the young romantic killed if he ever
darkened the skies of his daughter again.

A blue ladder and a pair of crutches sketch the Dali sky
where puffed clouds whirl unnoticeable agents
of peach elegance, detail by detail
into the jaded eye,
but I pay the toll with a word ready
to dismiss all symbols not my own,
should those days ever arrive
under government of one
suffering vitiligo passage with student privileges.
(The scriptures were never this straightforward.)

Gibran the Strong
never fearful of intellectual neutralization,
stopped for a drink of lemonade and swore
he would establish a plan
to overthrow the armchair power
vats of the rich goat-lip, the customary curse
his native tongue seemed to pearl at cost and sell to the peasants
at a healthy profit. Gibran was moved to issue this statement:
"Every man true to himself is a racist!" And then compassion
seeps into the pages. Gibran spits into the flavored water,
and then pours it onto the ground
to rot the teeth of grasshoppers
nearby ill with tape recorders.

He later constructed a response to the itch in his skin,
"Don't question them
until you see the whites of their eggs and the yellows
of their beds, and then squash the bugs!" Train schedules
were carried out on stretchers but the rain was held up
at gunpoint and then executed gangland style
giving all the newspapers a headline
act it could follow like a bee
to honey I Love You
and Lucy too.

And the band played on
under jock pseudonyms of jealousy and the six-pack foursome.

"Gotta hire an agent so I can fire somebody next fall."
Hooking up with three hookers from Cincinnati
the guestboy felt relieved at the vociferous news of the hour,
any hour, pick an hour, how about 1:59 PM MAY 9, 1492,
where who cares, then found a rock to stand upon
that he might urinate into the well,
being irregardless and all,
from outside the picket line with pockmarks
any butter girl can love from the inside out.

Crayons, crayons, crayons
crayons, crayons, crayons
crayons idiotsheet, crayons purposebitten
crayons, crayons, crayons—green shirts
wave upon the football fields the nation planted
picking up the pieces of those meeces we hate
to admire without purposes,
called for economic triage!

Prophets of death and doubt enter the googe,
giving the sign for a delayed steal with loaded bases,
"We don't care if you don't like us,"
the metallic ones shout, "We are here now. You'd better
grab up used guitars or get used to us. We're the warring tribes here.
We are LuxMachina! Laws bargained on the letter!"
A young woman saw the poet accomplish these things
and came rushing to and fro, semi-pro and ready to con
him within a state of great anxiousness,
Chinatown at 5th and Germaine,
the beeper number reinstated,
needful of a ritual, settling for tattoo, and distant star
named after his pop family, no new river available
while she disrobed and watched the ink carve
justice without a destiny,
last things first.

"My lover, my flawed poet
of mighty high courts and meek
works! You are little endowed to fight
the strengths this managerial team has mastered
and for the black, red, and invisible masses dubbed
platinum, Bar-Lipscotch, come, let us burn eager
night away!" In a wheelchair of passion the poppies
wilted into whizzing pellets, rabbits and the ruined.

It was time to refinance again last month's agreement
obsolete, culturally numbed, all true meaning reviled.
so off the wall the signature scattered and was sealed.

Line by line
Gibran was visibly shaken
by the quick arm of events. Revolutionary slow tactics
proved a greater success than even he imagined back in the forties
with Sartre over supper and attention to his thumb.
"I think I'll gather up all my friends
and put them in my pocketful of fumbles the story never tells.
There's too much nudity but I've never seen enough. And
death cannot calm my energies to wrap the world
in God. I feel like a vowel in a German novel."

You mean Hebrew, don't you?

This time it's not so stark a rat's radio
when a woman of unrelaxed beauty begging him to challenge
the heights of his own highly active faith, rips down her veil
and walks high-heeled over me, still strapped to a vow
to please myself in three notes or less,
and a hamburger today for a gift horse tomorrow,
shifting sands of the seashore national synthetic
blasted by another female-triggered hurricane,
now random naming, a squirrel gathering nuts
for Ezra to sell by the pound duty-free
in a little piggy market

to canonize her as he would see fit. The dirty poet
as pure as an oil gusher in a detonation of spirit
wastes no time in serving scant purposes on the girl,
almost dying with devious torpidity upon falling
against her breasts goosed like pineapples,
the texture of her voice like the buzz of the helicopters in the city
where transitional bombs from one echo to another kept it in ruins,
the sweet flutter of this man's history
was none other than the youngest
daughter of Bar-Lipscotch, the sister of his earlier desires.

Now gentle on this stage,
greenlight splashing off marbled rocks of pain
in the background, center pavilion cloaked in summer wages,
I shake hands with and bow before Gibran the Sole Pursuer,
was pleased, not realizing the old system of cages
is an act too ugly to reveal in this account,
for numbers never lie in the eye
of the beholder on the take.

Ice of names storming the desert vivarium
crows along the freckled river many worship
on one hand and pollute with grim ideas on the other,
as she swallows our withering without support of her family,
and Gibran was soon left to dish up another plate of
raging jealousy. Years after he had first spilled impurities into the clean
well, the poet died from an overdose of good luck, shot in the brain
by another young poet who desired Gibran's gift of poetry. When
the elder poet tried to explain that what was asked of him was impossible
for him to relinquish, the angry young street poet
blew the backlash of history clean off
the old man's memory.

Let's generalize all the forces of nature!"
oddball phantoms crack and conspire in jest, slowing only to pay steep dues
along the singing alley up a tough mountain completely on track
to visually network olive oil and fly papers
seeded among the top three in the division,
the field of old leaders has demanded. Hawks and ugly birds
took the news early as a sort of package deal the tombstoners
must escape if they want pretty doves at their wedding.
"Only don't be so generous with the lepers
this time. There's a cockroach
crawling along my toothbrush, and I want him dead,
or at least a bugler that floats on mouthwash."

Crayons real, crayons true
Crayons, crayons, crayons
crayons comfortskinned, crayons bitterzoned
crayons, crayons, crayons—white shirts
failed to mark the highway spoils
generous to a fault in war,
criminal to a tee in peace,
now a timeout for the two minute warning,
a drill held where even phantoms fear to tread.

Monday 26 September 1955: Relativity Mr. Eliot

12 Mar
            (Every opening day event
            is safely defined
            according to the board
            of heavy commissioners,
            who having frequently
            engaged in parasitic
            intercourse with important
            anti-matter details, do
            thus proclaim this work
            to bless the eyes and tongues
            and postage stamps of public
            yen with fire and dogma, that
            these blessings endure secure
            as the new lamp post
            in the old land of triumph,
            as foretold in the chapbook
            of Turquoise Laughter,
            found on the bookshelves
            of those sleazy sectarians,
            the Unknown Poets.)

My god! Those scrambled tenses
Are breathing insects
About to inherit the earth
As the meek ones.
Should we give the order to poison them,
The lie more likely to succeed beyond
Crock derivation, say?
The social instincts and mortal thunder
Track across the skies of deprivation. They
Mock us and tell us paradise
Has ranked us this way.

He comes much later than Voltaire.
With able lunacies guarding
Their classical moons,
In numbers too written
To catch a falling
Sparrow by jet liner.

So doggedly
He comes before us,
Letting us spoil him with a role
Abandoned to grief, walking,
To serve eyes never before ruled.
An expanded version of the likeness
Of man is displayed in his temples
More pulled to powerstare.

A coward without wings
Brings no one change, but
To you who think
Without a padlock brigging
Your brain, to you who think
His work is discriminating,
I say knows the difference in universal
Meaning between sugar and salt
And his birthright.

Give fair attention to the perfumery
He exposes, the sweat, the toil,
The semen.

Missing no link!

Question him if in doubt.
The idiom may be lost in translation.
Condemned to die or forty years
He shall return. When he walks among men,
The obvious is hidden, orphic
Associations and fresh failing crops,
And door alarms.

Left Bank will soon pass away like the rest.
And Burnt Norton will accuse Lucifer
As the author of time!


10 Jan

I was swinging flamelessly flawed
Crookedly along a line of shooting fame
Where bleeping patriots bang
Living bull winking after coming
All that distance for nothing

and knew it mattered something
as my lead,
felling numbers by the wayside.
Washington. ID'ed.

D'ever visit
Looking like what is it
The keeping of the holy sanctuary
Ringing in clocks and cells
Sent off spacely spiffed
And then gathered erroneously
Introducing numbers colored
What has been?

In the beginning there was no faith
Tremble forsook theirs
The lady barker bit as something silent
And something like slender pumped branches
Of guilt-ridden hitchhiker fire
Gave zero a sympatheticological smile
Charging the going rate of two dollars
And manslaughter
And acts half flag
Half rag

Gagging suspicious gangs
Some sing some hesitate to recall
Soil deep replacing
Me and you.

Deciding to return to space
Its only begotten
To do right by what's left
Like sheep they would leap
In a twinkling of a cobra's eye
Insufferably here to stay
Using maximum flair to cornbread level
Dressed above the Machiavellian hips
Calling themselves out as apostles of
Aesthetics of inactivity
Their seed.

I said that night
Bar stool on my tongue I am
The college of my choice
And you agreed
That mine is a subtle creed
Strangerhood breed
Speaking for myself as if I had no tongue
Some new testicles glorified
Kinetic Pierjudy Rapier
And his spicy bride
Who aspires to the moment I ask.

[ 1981, Corpus Christi, TX ]

Died In My Mouth

08 Nov

A silent tongue unravels the strangling noose,
Its path, unheralded by truce.
Odd scratched and scribbled graffitti,
Peacemaking my splintered head,
Ballets in dizzy nymph

Arousing the needy.
A parlor hunger, birds unfed.

My mind, a blank page.
My head leaps as a small frog,
There is no comfort.

The nothingness crowd is quoted no more,
Altared but undevoted they pay by nod.
My mind, a cluttered page.
My head sleeps as a burnt ephemeral log,
There is no comfort.
(Yet told around gracious Sin Avenue
camp fires spotting downtown Machinery Row
to the lilies laughing over a fine glass
of the best Napolean brandy
noonday dollars never doubt
where sheer distance is divided by
voteless cog, the mist of democracy
is seen reflecting upon our names
an appointed fog grazing upon
the tracks of method....)

And the saint thus
Spoke scantily to the prophet:
"He who demoralizes another
"Can claim no morality for himself."
To this the prophet said nothing, but
He knew in part the saint
For a shanty fool.

(And the unfed,
Left to perish among
The unwelcome, left to ravish
The beauty of beast, and the beast
Of beauty, established
Many fine logics.)

I fell blank at such a formula—
Asses built on caged numbers observed,
Deserved and dirty word reserved
For quaint molecules and family,
Where my occupation is a gift to anyone
Stroking along fishy fables,
Mentality tables, cradled
Images, daisies, nightsies,

I am the yellow sheep
I can't earn my keep
Proving the fallibility of this text
World without maps
World without worldliness

My mind, an accurate page.
My head keeps to its own symbol,
There is no comfort.

I wonder what proof died in my mouth.

[1980, Corpus Christi, TX ]

The Wednesday Perfume

02 Aug

I. High Brows
Relative gentle accessory
This band of lines seeks harmony
When frigid time dwarfs memory
And as we watch trees grow.
For woman's draft always inspires
The melting art caressing fire
Deep into where mere words aspire
To cross the hammer's blow.
And though the hot daze honors shade
And smiling costumes salute parades
And naked children's hatreds fade
How dare we never mourn to know,
If one and one and one make three
If worthiness licks poverty
If hollow noises seductively
Lay waste pure reason's embryo.

Give us this day of all days
Oh sacred songs still solemn,
To whet our attentions, to dry our tears.
We live on occasion and going away presents.
We recognized the poet and his different drumming,
And laughter and irony and the nude girl in white.

"Most profound in this sublet phoenix world
Is the naked sense of truth and the crowbar."
Croons a wild-eyed autonomy named Ply,
Off just now in the critical woods bored busy,
Briars, poison ivy, sleeping serpents and spiders blind
Mandating crude obediences to projectiled security
Unshaded amongst all roving sensualities.
Seen by only his own kind in spite of fair rhetoric—
Loss is the naked sense of truth,
Spinning our very natures into a mourning fog.
So let us merge as continents merge
And practice the art and its gripping trance...
Slash open our blackened hearts with a 12-inch butcher,
To spare us the throwaway guilt of a wicked second glance
Into our honey-tongued spitoons
Mocking the life of no return.

II. Inventory Sculpture
Clutching the past far prevailing reprise,
My bashful lips have remained mundane in librarian's mum,
Afflicted and baffled by the fragrance I catch dazzling
Even the hair brushing distractions from my eyes.
I am barely here, lost in a theme park called eternity.
Never ends. I am nicknamed Fat Logos. I am
From nowhere. I am a television commercial. Yet
You cry in silence, offering no foliage
To shape the shapeless gray breath
A swimming a swimming...
A swimming a brewing death!
Crashed out upon the brawling acres,
The die is cast and no longer God answereth!

Reach in, Copernicus, to touch my age.
This time I won't turn you away
To embezzle the ironies marking your flesh in pain.
Glory the season is soon faded away,
Passing as a morning's rain.
Words come not dancing in raving
Insidious intent, nor do they come
Easy to me,
So please don't mock my language
When elegance is not my only game
But clarity, the difference between purple and blue.
Good evening fine gatherers and hunters. Yes, evening to all.
Perfume, empty pockets, memorial lasers on the wall.

Not everyone who calls my name knows why,
And now my suburbs ache.
I patrol my bones through a watery isthmus,
Exploring a carnal linkage of attitudes expanding, unexamined.
Like a camel without his desert, I felt betrayed. And then,
In vain attempt at the strait jacket of mental righteousness
I betrayed every color known to intelligent man, betrayed
All manner of species, the savant and the dunce,
The psychotic and the safeling. My leaps
Across nature came across not as my own cross
To bear but only a stiff anger to share.

I betrayed parrot-trust
And far, far worse than a case of the sniffles,
I fell mute like a genesis idiot into a muddy blank puddle
And deserted my own trust, I soured my own fruits,
Became my own bust as well as well
Becomes us.

And so this black pulp handherchief,
Modifier, predicate, subjunctive—I dedicate
To those infants troubled for communication.
I've sold what I had to
To regain those conclusions lost in the flood
Like footprints and genitals and sunrise deliverances
And intangibles explaining the indecent, the misunderstood.
Oft deluded, we've eased
Into Thursday without scale warning
Sitting on a park bench hoping
To sanctify the next bus out together loitering
Separately in myalgic coffins reserved for
The dead by ignorance joking
On the course of someone else's weather.
And Friday is on its way.

Too many pauses, too many unanswered syllables.
And how are we, the ceaselessly tired,
To get rid of forever
This relationship of too many clauses? Do you forbid,
Great Spyder Solomon Center of the Unknowable Universe,
This beggard merchant of weak expression,
Passage on wave, oh mouth
Sea chanter of foam? Come!
Come swiftly let us seek to bring simple meaning
To the borrowed transcript that's intimately
Our own.

III. Tasteless, Odorless, Colorless

A winless victor,
Carousing, gives way to blunt splashes of young footsteps
Splashing in salvaged blank puddles.
Or when old odysseys
Just aren't qualified to teach us
Any more—
They become brain twisters,
Storms of personality
Falling on both the good and the evil.
Inning after inning no score.
They can't reach us.
Home base an inoperable store
Closed by faith floods and wind damage.
Kinetic roar.

But who said it first?
Abandoning our griefs together, understanding
What's never been spoken, and speaking
To decide more frankly
The mere fragments
Fading full into fair equity,
We're just waiting to wax profound.
Then we'll call out a new perfume.

Our needs are as complex
As the birth of a mystical child,
Regardless of race, creed, or divisibility by zero.
(The latter—a mathematical expense of extinction.)
For the intellect must caress
The one understanding
Issues done especially for us.
Still vaguely dressed
By words the serpent stings.
Pssst.... Wednesday perfume!

Comfort alone when forced to strip
As citizens of impatience rip
Strays with devices a burning lip
Still running overcrowded numbers.
While war sucks weather and doghouse blues
Into camp offers we must refuse
Walking through detour signs of booze
Explaining a flash diet of fresh cucumbers.
And where cane swamp visionary wares
Remind us there of social stares
Behind dark windows lipless pairs
Reward refined pet slumbers,
Gloving twisted riddles rhymed in time
Studied park benches zoning mad crime
Babies bought on bar room lime
Whose scents surveyed skirt lumbers.

Some half-fucked figure.
A boy of atmosphere. Nothing much, probably.
But who among us is safe in a drawer
Of subliminals?

[1980, Lofton Creek, FL ]


23 May

Yesterday's gone to sleep
waiting for her husband to return from the plant
where soot finds its way into his very dignity
clothing his shame in layers of insult too twisted to recant.

Yesterday's alone with child
sitting in the backroom of the artist's studio
where he will pay her to reveal her very dignity
painting her memoirs in colors her husband wouldn't know.

Yesterday's grown to hate
all men and women who killed her husband and child
with cathedral bells buying and selling her very dignity
knowing nothing could ever be reconciled.

(Many years later)
Yesterday's shown no favor
declaring the artist serves no one from inside a jail
where neither mind nor beauty can save its very dignity
blaspheming birth as eternal blackmail.


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""