Colorful Postcards From Your Oglethorpe Mother, No.1

15 Dec


Women Of The Year


Hi Ricky—Should be studying for Research Design exam—the last of the semester—but I just got some unbelievable news that I had to share with at least one person in the family—in order to get my feet back on the ground. Mr. Roberson, assistant director of public relations here at the school just hunted me up in the coffee shop, gave me his card, and said they want to nominate me for the YWCA's women of the year award. I am astounded, and really thrilled. Even if I don't get the award, to have been nominated by my school is truly an honor. That may make up for the "C" I just found out I made in biology, when it comes to my grad school application. Something has to because, now that I am so close, I don't think I can deal with not being able to go to grad school. I actually had a low B going into the final, so the grade I made on that pulled it back to a C, damn it. Oh, well! (That's what they tell you to say—just shrug you shoulders and say, "oh, well!")

I just turned in my final paper in Art and Culture—17 pages and I just quit abruptly—out of time and steam. Dr. Collins, the teacher, said not to worry—I have an A, thus far, and he's sure I did well up to the end. I told him there was one thing I could be grateful about—I won't have to lug that huge book around anymore. He laughed. He said having me in one of his classes made it much more interesting for him. I said that probably grad school wasn't going to be as much fun for me, most of the people will be closer to my own age.

There was frost on the ground this morning, and ice on the windshield. Speaking of windshields, I sure am glad they didn't get away with your car. Having a car stolen or even an attempt made is an affront to one's person. Sorry it happened.

Well, enough of the procrastination! It's off to the study tables. (They have wonderful fluorescent lamps on each table in here.) Colorful postcards from your Oglethorpe Mother...

Happy holidays!

Love, M

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