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10 May


Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 10:13:24 EDT


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Gabriel, hi, this is Angelique from the Foundation for Integrative Therapies. I have a new development. Many web designers have answered the ad. Some want more experience, practice, portfolio work so it has been suggested that we do an informal contest.

I have the logo and ideas. I will need a server and education on how to update the site myself. Would this interest you? I respect your time and understand if this does not appeal to you BUT if it does, there will be some great opportunities for the designer selected.

My small business will need a web site and I will refer to my peers and collegues. Also, the designers name, bio, and contact information will be on the nonprofit web site, my own business web site possibly. I will be part of the DC Chamber of Commerce and Visitors and Trade Association. I will be visible. Of course, I love to trade.

Let me know if you would be open. We can talk later. I'm swamped so don't take it personally if I don't return your call or e-mail right away. I'll be out of town May 23-June 11th. Take care and THANKS!

The Foundation for Integrative Therapies

Thanks Angelique for your encouraging response. I have run my own Macintosh web and mail servers here from my home studio since 1998. The web links I provided in my initial email reflect just a few of the professional and personal web sites I have designed and hosted over the years. To maintain the site yourself, you would need to obtain and configure an FTP client with the appropriate USER ID, password, and default directory path, information which would be provided to you by the web hosting company (preferably me). Of several Windows clients available for free on the Internet, WS_FTP seems to be the most popular.

But since I work solely from the Macintosh platform, I don't have any specific experience with any of them. I am presuming you are a Windows user, given the realities of personal computer market share, but I promise I won't hold that against you. As for competing in an ad hoc contest, well, I think my portfolio, skill sets, and technological resources already speak for themselves. However, I can certainly understand if you choose to go with someone else. My credentials can be found at:


and while I am intrigued by the possibility of developing and hosting any number of sites you may have in mind, especially since you appear organized as well as creative, I just don't think I am prepared to duke it out with others for that opportunity, loaded as I am with other freebie projects which unfortunately tend to be more aggravation than they are worth. But if you investigate my work thoroughly, and decide to opt in, or at least desire to discuss matters in more detail, please don't hesitate to contact me. Good luck!

Gabriel Thy

Hi there, I absolutely understand that "duking it out" with others is not your style. Thanks. I have yet to look at all your information. I worked all weekend. You can reach me during the week.

PS. I have a Mac.


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