Dangerous Liaisons Again For The Third Day Of Five This Week

12 Jan


Queen Precipitation


Date: Fri Jan 12, 1996 11:06:15 AM America/New_York

Space, the third wave of Blizzard '96 is beginning to taper with snow turning to freezing rain, not a pleasant transition. Still haven't gotten around to the back side of the houser to dig out from thhe first two waves. Geesh, what a weather surge, all very new to a southern neck like myself even after twelve years here. Now there's talk on TV about shoveling off flat roofs that may not be able to support all this precip...

Nothing to be classified a true flu or cold, despite that last letter in which I described certain symptoms. They blew over. How much longer my luck will hold out is anybody's guess. Sue's stuck home in dangerous liaisons again for the third day of five this week as the train system's clogged and suffering severe ice lag timing. It's no exaggeration to say DC is crippled by this icy January jolt, and my cabin fever (plus fried air syndrome) have sent me into sleeping mode, can't wake up, slight depression I suppose because my synapses don't seem to firing at regular intervals.

And my service provider is down, so I can't even escape out into the web of forbidden enchantments. By the way, did you ever get any response from the GeoCities tech team? Lemme keep this short. Just ain't up to fluid (or fluent) chat this morning. Gawd I feel out of it!


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