My Dirty Little Secret

06 Feb


Natural Tendencies


As for not allowing HTML, you betcha. I prefer to keep a clean house, plain and simple. People posting oversized crap wrecks havoc on a web page. I rescued Shelley at her request from an overwrought posting a few days back.

Sorry, but now you know my dirty little secret, I'm THAT breed of jerk.

I grew up in a household of chaos, spiritual corrosion, and debilitating disorganization thanks to otherwise pre-occupied parents, one on drink, one against it, and five struggling siblings sporting varying degrees of that synthethic victory over the world around us, so I was fortunate to be born with a natural tendency and intense desire to create order in my life. Except for the pitiful state I allowed my flesh to become, that natural resistance to the Second Law of Thermodynamics pretty much sums up my approach to fighting the good fight, informing my politics, my art, and my mysticism. I would surely be dead otherwise. Am nearly so, as it is...

Unfortunately I decided at some point to allow heathens to storm the walls behind which the spirit runs the halls of liberty, as the better part of valor in fighting forces I should have should ignored, and found a better way to overcome...

So, no Pig Science, you may not have permission to mess up my pages with ugly out of place banner ads, and other trashy habits of the digital rover...



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