Figures Of Speech

08 Jul


A SENTENCE LIKE THAT deserves more than a well-rehearsed handshake, but sometimes those of us who live for the calming caresses a fine line insinuates find ourselves too infatuated to make the first move...


"Mallory Mae"

She's as malleable as a healing palm of avocado, as I pop tiny water bubbles clinging to her salmon face, rich in ancient memories made contemporary with gifts kept away in a small solid mahogany box she unlocks with yesterday's chatter, for today is still young...

Increased performance was freedom for the taking, but the only question remaining was how long she would last before delivering the knockout punch to her presidency and her resolve as a throwback in courage ever since she'd been kicked out of her fifth war for messing with the wrong spoils...

The Trojan Horse—9353—cruised onto stage like a free range stallion that night the skies glazed over and the lights blew brightly through plum burst locks flowing from the seat of his britches, a calm and resolute master of his cruel content, an ace of clubs, the revenge card...

I asked her to sit, if she wanted an adult beverage, what flavor, and what did she think about the painting to the left of the TV, the Firestone rubber strip, the boulevard sign missing its post against the backdrop of cherry bombs, cold metallic blasts, and vanilla fudge rodents making the most of the burnt terrain as leftover but fertile figures of speech...

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"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""