Abélard and Héloise

22 Oct


Abélard et Héloise

A bélard and Héloise: Peter Abélard (1079–1142) was one of the era’s greatest thinkers. He renounced both his inheritance and the soldier’s lifestyle to become a student, then a teacher. Abélard was a rock star to his contemporaries: his quick wit, sharp tongue, perfect memory, and boundless arrogance made him unbeatable in debate, a man among men—he was said by supporter and detractor alike never to have lost an argument—and the force of his personality impressed itself vividly on all with whom he came into contact. His work Sic et Non juxtaposed authoritative sources on both sides of important questions. Abélard was engaged as a private tutor for Héloise, the niece of a Parisian cleric named Fulbert, and became her lover. When she became pregnant they were secretly married, but Fulbert suspected them and had Abelard castrated, and Abélard and Héloise entered separate monasteries. Abélard’s writings about the Trinity were condemned by the Council of Soissons in 1121.

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