22 Oct

redon20Undescended testicle (cryptorchidism) is a testicle that hasn't moved into its proper position in the bag of skin hanging below the penis (scrotum) before birth. Usually just one testicle is affected, but about 10 percent of the time, both testicles are undescended, as was in my case.

An undescended testicle is uncommon in general, but quite common among baby boys born prematurely. Unfortunately I was never told exactly why my body suffered in this manner, and never heard from anyone who might be carrying that sort of information that I had been born prematurely. The vast majority of the time, the undescended testicle moves into its proper position on its own, within the first few months of life. If a boy has an undescended testicle that doesn't correct itself, surgery can relocate the testicle into the scrotum.

My own surgeries at two years old and almost nine, were quite memorable. Some of these memories have been posted here. As I age I find myself worrying about the underlying scarring. I do feel a measure of pain on the left groin or pectineus, during times when I am excessively tired and the belly weight argument proves its point.

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