The Green Man

20 Oct


Albert Finney

IN MY UNSUCCESSFUL SEARCH for more information on The Green Man, a rather obscure movie I saw partially, and have wanted to see again for years, I discovered this delicious link commenting on Britain's father and son literary dynasty of Kingsley Amis and his son, Martin Amis.

The Green Man is a BBC three-part TV serial which aired in 1990, starring Albert Finney adapted from a 1969 novel by British author Kingsley Amis. One reviewer described The Green Man as "three genres of novel in one”: ghost story, moral fable, and comic novel.

Albert Finney is a charming, believable rogue as the boozing, womanizing inn-keeper in the English countryside inn called The Green Man. This innkeeper is apparently visited by Jesus Christ, who charges the old drunkard to do something for Him. When asked why he of all people was chosen for the task, the Christ retorts that as a boozing womanizer, who would believe him that he was told by God to do this thing, therefore, the perfect shill.

I seem to recall that this film was shot in black & white, but I could be wrong about that.

Finney turned down the offer of a CBE in 1980 and a Knighthood in 2000. He has criticised the honours system for "perpetuating snobbery". In 2002 his critically acclaimed portrayal of Winston Churchill in The Gathering Storm won him BAFTA and Emmy awards as Best Actor. He also has five Oscar nominations but has never won.

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