Magnets In The Broader Sense

09 Oct

I. Natural Selection

pushing this open paranoia preamble where effing ironies
can't compete with the steady parade of divas shoving crass
the beacon sass into wry faces of fly America as she crumbles
to her skin-colored knees looking for go daddy go
off to the beach, down to the shore

a petty officer's bargain to famous quotes,
paper or plastic quotas, plug and play devices
siphoned off the highlander's lovely terms
proud to be schooled in urban hubris,
strutting around in those Great Empty Legs
economic theory gone sour like rainy day
toadstools, some mediocre rite before curfew,
lured, groped, incensed, kept begging for more,
ever more frequently without the usual flutter
traffic, those thousand and one Persian tales
leaning heavily upon the elocutionist's shoe
preaching a diet of polish sausages, juicy gossip...

can you see it, it's easy if you try
but at least Europe the Lesser no longer
wails on about tiny hotdog explosions on the 4th
scaling the absence of Mr. Monroe's lost doctrine
ashen Cuba defies, cruel Afghanistan survives—

and, "oh say can you see..."
former glory of Beirut the Paris of the Middle East
as fully capitalized revelation or just so much
a simple pound of flesh among many,
endangered pigeons dancing in purple brows of Khomeini
like sweaters on cockring girls we used to marry just to swing
her father from that melting forest we knew how to follow
like a good rule when it mattered,
for a price of a ticket,

recorded here as burning sheep to shake down the nations.

Biblical floods of panic warriors aching to march
took to taking of old hills and dry dales and still shots to defend
scrubbing magnets, the brass armory, and roving ideals, as older ones
of each become unavailable or unrenewable.

II. Magnifying Glass

every newsroom model doffing designer eyewear,
tagged uranium flags smiling at cleanup observations
under broad bold Houston Intercontinental airport sky
trapped in a bursting bubble of imaginary fairness,
my engineer's transit crushed under huge rubber wheels
never a clean coordinate again to appeal to concrete
surfaces from which I am paid to observe the observers,
pay next to nothing, right next to it...

several beautiful women in pumps, hatred their mouths
furiously debate merits of slick, shiny Chinese silk
patches hand-sewn by able and ready prisoners
air-tight, dignified, aeronautical,
flattering our formal fighters,
interpreters of the return.

ruling class black and white pictures
we'd inhaled from life-sized magazines
before television, world travel and Hollywood
reign we satirized as classical opulence, overindulgence
not really a part of the walking around psyche
approach until we grasped the greasy ugly truth
of one hundred, even four hundred years
of transitory inviolate stain

not until milk delivery stopped clinking
milk racing down our collective chins
came bearing key genetic histories
measuring keen the Iron City past
from racy cornerstones Sumerians
squatted, calculated, mined

not that I buy all that much of it,
I rise to salute smile I once borrowed
(pencil between my teeth, eraser in my fist)
kept in a bedside jar pennies on the dollar
until fly frazzled razorback of ancestry
finally perished for lack of direct proof,
a better argument or soil worth the rank
as the living finally earned
the promises of death...

battery mates compost
fly-away pinstripes stripped down
same doubt history frequently changes to maybe
survivors service armies stinking of fashion
fifteen full and pepsident minutes

until xeroxed Andy Warhol coughs
in grave confirming active swindle
revived from sandlot grassed over
during Cleveland riots & responsibilities
firm peaches along the tracks in Willacoochee,
DuPont-Lucent layoffs starched to hostility
class warriors storming erudite Berkeley
taking cues, La Crosse teachers' unions
grudge pound Corpus Christi, signaling
Vincennes railroad men to echo Window
Rock tattoo artists, as Boise sheep
herders with aim to build
skyscrapers all the way
to Times Beach the Almighty isotope,
spackle bromides of oil and water pipelines

stealing from filthy poor to give to filthy rich,
and save our uncle from Law of Spic and Span
finally put to its rightful use.

[ Washington DC, 2013 ]

© 2007 - 2013, Gabriel Thy. All rights reserved.

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