Mardis Gras Will Snort My Dollars Like Rubles

07 Feb


Mardis Gras Simulator


Date: Wed Feb 7, 1996 9:56:54 PM America/New_York

And Space, don't forget to consider the alternative E-mail suffix. TEll me whether to use CCGS84B, C, or whatever, so that you will know which box to look in, and I'll know which address is still valid. Meanwhile, thanks again for the Prodigy spin. Be sure to let me know when BBM starts rumbling, but I can tell you now, I'll decline to rejoin Prod if they can't get me hooked up at a faster speed that 2400. I've got the hardware. They've got the local access numbers. Duh, what's the problem?

I downloaded from the Internet today a GIF of the 1953 Mickey Mantle Topps card. Who is your all-time baseball hero, sports hero in general? Perhaps we can devote some Web space as a shrine. Your guy. My guy. But we can collaborate more expansively on subject matter once we have successfully hitched our wagon to a GeoCities URL address.

Was invited down to Mardis Gras by one of those unsavory faux friends I've told you about. He moved down there last September, and called me collect twice (the first time Sue refused to take the call) to tell me about it. Funny thing was I had been seriously pursuing the thought of bouncing down to New Orleans for the festival just to get away for awhile, following up on those earlier notions I'd had about Sue and I needing some "space" in order to spruce up the spice between us a bit, but now that I am faced with a direct challenge to my whimsicality, I am buckling at the knees, tossing off excuses left and right why I should stay put. The strongest being that there are too many vultures (leeches, uh, did I say friends?) here to leave Sue alone to fend off. Maybe I'm afraid she'd have more fun than I would. Or maybe I don't trust this hapless bozo to make my stay in the French Quarter anything but more aggravating than sleeping on a damned park bench would be, and you know, hotels will snort my dollars like rubles. So what's it all worth at this point?

Have too much to do just where I'm at right now, and that's the bottom line, have too much to do right where I'm at right now. So I'll call Mouse back and tell him maybe next year we'll both come down. Yes, maybe next year. As it is today I'd stumble around lost without Sue, and that's the sum of all things in my life presently, despite the lures and worst collusions of my evil twin within.


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