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Technical Sentry

22 Dec


Peter, the Pontiac, the Provider


Date: 12/22/1998 - Peter Burris in italics. Gabriel Thy in plain text discussing a solution to server crashes that won't rebound properly.

Guess we are both on anxiety drugs now. I've been taking those over those same counter Bufar tablets on a more regular basis—I'm under relatively little stress now that my pipeline seems secure (Glenn is still pinging, so I guess I finally DO HAVE a 24 hour technical sentry in place after all those other bogus promises).

That was funny. Was supposed to mean as opposed to the FUBAR pills that WAS feeding us? Richard had some very unflattering things to say about their performance Saturday night.

Thanks Peter, you've been a big help. Are you going to be around here anytime this week? We'd like to treat you to dinner whenever schedules permit.


Baby Buckets

20 Nov


Track Record Trixie


Date: Fri Nov 20, 1998 10:17:53 AM

Forgot to tell you, sweetstockings, but I put a recruiting ad in next week's City Paper yesterday in hopes of initiating that Macintosh Webmasters SIG we so desperately need in this city of drones. As usual, after two direct emails weeks apart asking for any sort of details he might provide and offering my all (to the fellow who first contacted me from WAP), that line of support has produced nothing. I dunno about that WAP crowd. They really slap it on thick in publishing feel-good testimonies about how helpful their "volunteers" have been to "thousands of desperate Mac users" in EVERY issue of the rag for the five or six years we've been members, but this is the third or fourth straight opportunity I've asked to be helped, and simply get blown off. Kinda reminds me of the Jehovah's Witness style of evangelism, all this rah rah self-love stuff.

As mem'ry serves there was the BBS question a couple of years ago where we were literally laughed at over the phone The HTML group in Annapolis a year or so ago where I was hardly encouraged to join their two or three gathered, and now this webmaster snub.

Well, I just got off the phone with the WAP office. Seems my contact has been entertaining family from Iceland for the past month, and you can surmise the rest. Okay. Back in the loop. Office manager Beth said to wait until after this weekend, and try to contact Pat Fauquet once again et cetera ad nauseum...

So besides discovering Pat Fauquet is a woman, at least I've put out the call to City Paper readers to build our own group, but we know my track record for attracting much less keeping a group together for anything worthwhile...

Born to go it alone with my baby buckets,


Tacos With Blumstein

03 Nov


Still Punk Still Geek


Originally published Tue Nov 3, 1998
From: Gabriel Thy

Hey Baby! When you get a chance, would you please join the ROCC Foundation mailing list by following the template which successfully logged me into the list. I think it only takes the triggering line in the BODY of the Email, and I think the reason I was failing last night was because I had failed to include my Email address in the command line, so if you just want to help test, send a note to ROCC, put NOTHING, or ANYTHING in the subject line, but write the command line: subscribe digest [insert email address] in the BODY of your note. You should receive two notes if successful, a successful subscription note and a list welcoming note.

We'll later try to sign Danielle MacBeth to the listserv. Hey, this is exciting stuff! Webserver fees associated with are paid in full through December 31, 1998. At that time they will be billed $55.00/month, or if Kevin prefers, a year's pre-paid service will save him 15% off current rates. There are some indications that we are clean with Bret, including SMTP, but I'm not sure. Haven't heard from the TOAD folks yet. Okay, just got off the phone with Glenn. We should have the full operational protocols back in place. Lemme know if you get this test note. Bob's coming over for a taco lunch. Gotta go! Love & lizards...

It's four fifteen and Bob just left. Talk about a three martini lunch! No actually, we drank ice water, ate beacoup tacos, and now we both feel like a nap. I took out a large top sirloin for dinner. Great to have E-mail back. Jennifer Troy took our AMEX number down for billing which I presume starts today. She quoted a flat $250. I didn't query her about the Bell Atlantic charges, not wishing to upset the loveliness of her words: A FLAT $250. Besides, as far as I know, no one at ToadNET really knows where we live except Bret Mingo (and he's not really WITH Toad). He may switch things once he continues to be billed by BA. I say let sleeping dogs lie for the time being.

Just remembered I did put our address on an Email, but as long as Bret and his CORETEL is still the contact for Bell Atlantic I'm not going to worry about it.

Best time ever with Bob, just Bob...


Dirty Washington, Dirty, Dirty, Washington DC

30 Sep

urban joy

urban joy


Date: Wed Sep 30, 1998 3:03:29 PM

Hey Space, here's where you can find some basic Internet tools. SIMPLENET is my virtual web service vendor, and I guess this is where you say, whatever that means...

Meanwhile, I had $800 worth of camera and telefoto lens stolen from me on my birthday last Saturday. That means Groids in the hood took me down once again despite all the party splash and grillwerks generosity they were shown. What's been going on in your neck of the woods and coulds the past few?

Well, the rude was on last Saturday and it soon became a very expensive night, and actually again Sunday night as accusations were broadcast to the neighborhood tramps that Gabriel is very angry about having his camera lifted along with everything else they plundered in one fucked-up event after another, on my birthday no less, while they all pledge their everlasting love to me in mealy mouth tones all whatever jive they can jigger into the mix. It's too much to take day in and day out, but many have it far worse than I do, and can't do a thing about it, so I should not feel too far gone on this one. It's just another day in the life of...
Haven't you gotten the two or three pieces of mail I've sent since that Fripp trip where so much has crashed into chaos in my absence, first as a result of a pipeline upgrade suddenly dropped on me by my ISDN service, and now the mail and domain name server and host machine name change processes taking a while to get properly in polace on top of thrills birthday thrills and woes I was talking about hat I haven't even begun to dig out from all the noise . . .

Guess the new job has you clawing for clues too.

I think this SIMPLENET page will bake the bread. If you're still in this web publishing scheme I am trying my best to keep in steady operation, and as usual am desperately hoping for a major escalation in the day to day output (something only my dirty dreams apparently keep enflamed), these links & biscuits are what we have available in way of freshening up any page or site we design for ourselves or a client.

Sick about the camera and the 'XusNET & iMotedotcom interruptions (good news: lost only the second of two rolls of film taken at the Grillyard keg party of some 20 fun people, and later the five or six noisy boys plus brute femme in the mix like from the alley whoop. But I'll get over it once I have a replacement camera, develop the one roll that got snapped, and work harder to reform my own policies and behavior. Word is Reggie, street name, Dogg, grabbed it, probably passing it to that loud mouthed woman, who, bless her heart, didn't stay too long, as it was clear she was clearly out of place. Reggie is a steady nemesis, fleet of foot, swirling with mind games, he dances lightly around me, always playing the odds, and giving me the play by play and color analysis as he's doing it.

I take full blame. I become too nice, naîve, and soon nauseous after a certain people, especially the rude or snoot crowd begin to have their way with too much bullshit. Well, the rude was on last Saturday and it soon became a very expensive night, and actually again Sunday night as accusations were broadcast to the neighborhood tramps that Gabriel is very angry about having his camera lifted along with everything else they plundered in one fucked-up event after another, on my birthday no less, while they all pledge their everlasting love to me in mealy mouth tones all whatever jive they can jigger into the mix. It's too much to take day in and day out, but many have it far worse than I do, and can't do a thing about it, so I should not feel too far gone on this one. It's just another day in the life of...

Oh well, I'm still grinning to myself quite proud that we pulled this Chameleon team through in a near runaway...

Update on the weight loss. Now 25 pounds lost since surgery, another five since you were here Space, after a terrific feed on Sue's and my anniversary trip back south. Got those fotos back from Baltimore. Will post on the net soon. A client just dumped a load on me, so I've got work for the next few days, possibly a week.

Gotta go, but note the E-mail address because if you're sending me mail anywhere but little old...

I WON'T GET IT!!!!!!


Bargaining With The Situationists At Large In Today's Dollars

12 Nov


Guy Debord


Originally published on November 12, 1997

I haven't been keeping up with these rad dudes since the list became a book selling booth and then something's screwed up to where I'm on the list twice (get everything in duplicates) but can't respond or unsubscribe because of some unexplained cosmic glitch. However, I decided to peek and see you getting mutilated by some humanoid. I can't say if I agree or disagree because I don't have the whole story but the hostility is acidic. I know, however, that you can take it and I'm sure you're just laughing on this.

Landry, I've thought about your newsgroup problem. How does this sound? Pick out what you find pertinent, disregarding the rest. Spud really doesn't monitor the newsgroup. It's automated. You signed up beaucoup months ago when you had another address. In order to UNSUBSCRIBE, you have to UNSUBSCRIBE with that same address. You get duplicates sometimes because I forward you stuff and the newsgroup forwards you the same stuff because you are still on the list. Your company E-mail server still accepts mail from your old address. Unsubscribe twice using both your current E-mail address and your former, then SUBSCRIBE afresh should you still be interested in receiving the list. Other than that I'm clueless. Yes, I am laughing, saddened by this sorry state of affairs, but laughing nevertheless. It's my only refuge.

I want to note that I believe that a lot of the people on this list are graduate students or something and are disappointed at the thin intellectual conversation spewing from their lip-fingers. How sad. I would love to get paid to spew. They don't know what they possess. Looks like academia is nothing more than a booksellers guild where they reshape sentences of sentences written about thinkers of the past. Who's doing the original thinking?

Not this crew. That is certain. I think I am wiggling towards the next wave of logic, but I can't get a word in edgewise. It's funny because I never mention g-o-d, but these people truly run for cover whenever I quote anything remotely Hebrew, even though I've tried to point out over and over again the wholesale ransacking and theft of the literature by Marx and Debord. Dead silence or the petty voice you quoted below is all these "great thinkers" can manage. Strange, I didn't receive that unsigned text. Maybe Spud has indeed axed me from the group.

Was Marx the highest point intellectual thought could attain? I keep waiting for the next thing, the next evolution on the food chain of an attempt to organize the human condition but I see only rehash rehash rehash. Art is rehashing cubism with slightly different variations. Literature is dancing around the macabre Faulkneresque trip into the dark side of family life with modern therapy heavy judgment thrown in. Music is nothing but push button computer masturbation.

They claim a desire to elevate the man without quality but when I present a self-portrait of that very man without quality they attack me with strange wordy affairs from their own contrived bible, contrary to the schematic of universal understanding, and sink into the abyss, well-deserved victims of their own lack of quality.
Well, the "next" thing was Debord. Of this I am positive. At least, the Situationists group as chaos, which is what I saw happen under the iron thumb of Debordian authoritarianism. A very good starting block for this clearinghouse of competing ideologies swarming around like angry hornets with an endless supply of stingers. However I seek not to clarify but to modify Debord, present a plan of action (or action by inaction) for which we stand. But of course these yahoos are too busy worshipping at the altar of Debord to ever "say" anything much less something of substance. It's the same numbing stagnation of thought they claim the spectacle creates and holds the world as hostage, that they practice. Duh, what a waste of fine godfodder, oops, I finally used the word.

Your text above describes what Debord was howling against. He was aware of the rehash, and wanted to "revolutionize" everyday life, but I believe he failed rather miserably*, just as Jesus** did in his own revolutionary pose (although his effects are as well-documented as this modern messiah***), but GODSPEAK on the other hand IS very much alive conducting his press upon the stage of HISTORICAL TIME, that Hegelian phrase that seems to have only one meaning for all that I can uncover: the spark that leads to the Len Bracken generation's own personal civil war. Debord was an athiest; Bracken confesses the same.

Civil war is the great god they worship. Capitalism the devil. Their own historical time, their own dirty war in the name of the zeroworker theory interlaced with an abrupt dismissal of all things proprietary, a ridiculous idea of course betrayed by their own hypocrisies. I say, like Zachariah, the great and terrible day is coming in nuclear spades but woe to those who would wish for its arrival, especially to those by whose hands it is accelerated. Of course I am dismissed as a mere fool and a preposterous godlover. It seems to me they actualize, accentuate, and love the Great and Terrible Lord of Theosplatz more than I do, but that's just my opinion, uncouth, unhip as it is. The mark of the beast. The fall of mercantilism. No copyrights. No work. Hot BOG & BOR topics****, but all these wankers can do is strut about in their task to mark me as declassé. They claim a desire to elevate the man without quality but when I present a self-portrait of that very man without quality they attack me with strange wordy affairs from their own contrived bible, contrary to the schematic of universal understanding, and sink into the abyss, well-deserved victims of their own lack of quality.

Aaah, the wonders of the intellect . . .

A few notes:
* in his exclusionary practices
** in his inclusionary practices
*** in this case I see Debord as Barrabas, and still no messiah on the horizon.
**** BOG (Book of Genesis), BOR (Book of Revelation)


"I see pieces of men marching trying to take heaven by force . . ."
-Bob Dylan

Searching For Epstein

09 Nov


Richmond, VA


Date: Mon Mar 16, 1998 8:59:56

Hey Dave, me again. Epstein called the other day and wanted me to touch base with you on swapping links. I don't knoiw why he cares, but I'll concede if you do. I have laid in some infrastructure for a DC friends and foes section on my Scenewash Project site where I can accommodate Sean's urges. You can visit my two sites listed below, and link to onem both, or neither of them. Just let me know what you want to do. I'll stick something on my front page at the Project relating to a quickie link to your page, if you decide you want to follow through on this.

Otherwise, have a cracker on me...


At 8:18 PM -0500 11/9/97, Dave Gerster wrote: Gabriel, I'm not sure I know you...?
—David Gerster, The Sisters of Morrissey

No, but I've known Epstein for nearly a decade, and I know that counts triple in cat years. I sent you that piece because I had just written it, and felt is was a decent followup to what Sean and I were grumbling about on the phone yesterday. I was hoping that the title would clue you and you might print the piece for Epstein to read. Meanwhile, hey, I'm Gabriel. I don't get out much these days; too old, fat, tired, and busy on my website to browse the streets and nightclub scene much anymore. Nevertheless I was invited to Galaxy Hut last night but my wife had the car until 8PM and we were both too beat to make it back out the house, being early risers (I'd been up since five AM and drinking since noon, she'd put in another shift at work) et al...

You've created a pretty nifty rock page. I listened to your tunes. Particularly like FOOLS, SUN, and HYMNAL in that order...DREAMS really sucks. What platform do you work from? Always a platform ad software geek, so I ask unabashed I currently command a Mac 8500/120, whoa Nelly, with 80MB RAM.

Gabriel Thy
Creative Director
Project Scenewash

Hounds In The Hood Were Barking Like Adverbs In The Alabama Heat

22 Oct


The Antagonist


Originally published on October 22, 1997

I found out last night that Bracken, when he called back, nailing Sue at nearly 3AM (uh, is that right?) on the phone after leaving my birthday party for home had called to inform me that he had driven past, and stopped for Reggie a few blocks away from the Dollhouse after we had given up on one of our more street savvy but friendly neighborhood thugs rolling through the DC alleys that night. Reggie had been foiled in a ten dollar weed run for the Brack & me, claiming the ten spot Sue fronted him was lifted from him at knifepoint. Then on top of that predictable swindle, he the Bracken, proceeded to tell Sue that Gabriel was a poor writer, a confusionist, and whatever else he could hurl across the plate in a few screwball pitches of counterpoint in trying to badger Betsy Sue at my expense.

The fact that writing (neither mine nor his) never once surfaced all night is what makes this whole slander so outrageous. Sue told him she didn't want to hear it, and probably wouldn't remember this call in the morning. She did remember but only revealed this part of the conversation to me last night some three plus weeks after the fact. Subversionary bastard, ain't he? As for Reggie, or Dog, as he prefers to be called on the street, what a twit. He'd pumped the well of deception earlier that night when he sat at my patio table, eating on some grilled chicken, staring me in the eye and marvelling that I'd never disrepected him, and yet, like clockwork on the petty criminal circuit he stoops to this minor theft. I haven't heard from him personally yet, and probably never will, which punches a big hole in his cover story, so I chalked it up as the bare minimum of doing business, of practicing the dark arts of survival by gullible but dangerous white folks in the mostly third generation working on welfare neighborhood, tossing Dog a ten dollar bone, no biggie on the "how much do I have to pay to keep from going through all these things twice" scale. Long in the tooth, most would agree, but I was finally waking up from the political fogs of unsustainable stained glass innocence, that deep sleep where trust was a lie, but the preferred lie of do gooders everywhere. The racial con game, the dances with Reggie grift, was as natural as the morning dew on the green, green grass of home. We'd dealt with Reggie before. This ten dollar disappearing act was nothing compared to the theft of the year before, when my Nikon disappeared from this same birthday patio, but I'll leave that tale for another page.

In real time, Sue DID mention that Len Bracken had called late that night. Hell, I was there. I overheard her responses. She just never mentioned his remarks on my writing. I think she thought she was protecting me. More likely, him. Bracken, for the record, is not a confusionist (a label he has pinned upon Greil Marcus, Stewart Home, and Gabriel Thy, so I suppose I should feel the company benefits kicking in any day now), he's merely confused.

Ring. Just got off the phone. Go figure. It was Bracken. He was with his dad he said, looking at Scenewash. Asked me if not a lot was online yet. I stated, yes, indeed that was the case. He was very specific in his questioning. I replied in same. Queer conversation. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but hounds in the hood were barking like adverbs in heat...


Red-Eye Gravy For An Old Rump Roast As Chuck Berry Takes A Polite Bow

19 Sep


Chuck Berry Takes A Bow


Originally published on September 19, 1997

Thanks for all the little notes you've wafted down along the Greater Southeast Peripatetic Olfactory Canal lately. Read them devotedly, bookmarked accordingly, grinned when our own thoughts have been replicated in the "real" press, et cetera. Been busy finishing off the A&F site. Now I move into the promotion and maintenance phase. A six-month contract. This Always & Forever contract should prove to be a keeper. Sue's going out to Hector's farm today to load AOL on his Performa out there, and also to begin formulating his farm site by gathering up horse pics.

Newsburst. Peter Burris is moving into the Dollhouse basement next weekend for a season or two, the Sunday following my 42th birthday. Yes, happy and all that. We'll be hosting a few in a quiet gathering after work on Friday. Blumstein celebrates his last day at Columbia Research on the same night. He hasn't responded to my E-mail inviting him and Allie over, but I reckon he might have other celebrationary options up his sleeve. We still haven't tossed the balls since that night of the pokerfaced airconditioning mishap a month ago.

We plan to throw a lot of cash and sweat at the basement as you've already been made aware. Timing is gonna be tight to get all the damned ducks in a row, but everybody involved is psyched to making it work. So Peter might be camping out for a few days or a week until we cut the ribbon. This has all been rather sudden. A year ago I would have never dreamed that PHB would welcome or even be welcomed into this house on any sort of long-term and, uh, familiar basis.

Time does tend to change our perspectives for better AND worse, n'est pas? Karen may have landed us a huge trucking company account, but it won't kick in until late October as the owner puts the finishing touches on a multimillion dollar startup company. It's not in the basket yet, but is almost a sure thing, as he's an ex-and-wouldbe-current beau. She's really excited about her new role as GSIS sales rep. So are we. And best of all, she's no mirror mashed maniac like the rest of us. She's a levelheaded bubbly sort, who just has too many potential contacts to not exploit. So we've all stepped up to the plate looking for that fat pitch down the middle.

By the way, Karen gave Pitch a major bitching over that condescending kissoff note he wrote me, from her own volition. She told Sue about it later. Pitch had CC'd the note to her. Apparently she read it the same way I did. Sue's often characterized Karen as not being too awfully smart. I haven't been around her that much, but she continues to impress me with her downhome country wisdom. She's nobody's fool. She loves Sue, and is always cratcheting Hector about undervaluing Sue. And her mother loves me, in Karen's words. Now isn't that just gravy for an old roast like me. We have suddenly found ourselves bright-eyed and bushy-butted, primed for the feast.

And just think, not too long ago . . .


Dummy Page For My Old Pal

11 Sep


Phasing It Out


Date: Thu Sep 11, 1997 9:31:26 AM America/New_York

Hi, my name is Michael Bussius. I am trying to trace my family history. I did a search and "the Bussius Branch" at your location. I am requesting any information you could give me about this site. If you could maybe have the person in charge of that page to contact me by way of e-mail, i would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, Michael David Bussius

Hey Michael, sorry I can't really be of much help to you. Although I do remember you from a few months back when you signed my guestbook, promised to get back, and sure enough you were true to your word. The problems on this issue are severalfold. The reason you found my site in a search is because I set up a dummy page for my old pal Rob Bussius because of my plans to document the Washington, DC underground music scene from the middle Eighties to early Nineties of which the two of us were fringe participants. Unfortunately I have never gotten around, and it'll be some time yet, to constructing the Bussius or ANY of those topical pages, busy as I've been with so much other web material. In fact I have split my site into two sites, iMotedotcom for my Internet consulting business, and Project Scenewash for those personal artistic visions which plague my life. The infrastructure is in place; the pages are not.

Rob, meanwhile was here on a visit with his wife and child for the first time in over two years back this past June. He's in the US Army stationed in Hawaii. His mother is fully German. His father, second generation German-American, I believe. His grandfather was a Nazi party member. Rob has promised to write more often from the bunker than he has but so far I haven't heard from him. While he was here I showed him your guestbook signing, and had him sign. But that's about the extent of it. From his mother's side of the family there is supposed to exist some Prussian castle still associated with the family. At one point he and his mother were considering moving there, but did not.

Best I can offer is to keep in touch. Should I hear from Rob again I'll brief him on your most recent inquiry, and let him take it from there. He is not to date Internet savvy, but is studying hard to make sergeant in the forces. Thanks for visiting.

Peace, love, and roots of all boll weevils,

Gabriel Thy

Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 17:29:29

Hello again, thanks for answering my email. I actually found your friend Rob's number and address on the Internet. I tried to call him but he was in the field. Again thanks for your reply.


Michael Bussius

Jim Carroll Entered Through This Portal, Exited Through His Own

14 Aug


The Great Cull


Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 08:50:16 -0500

Okay Cassie. Thanks for the tips and the patronage. Checked out your site, and was impressed by the growth I've seen over the past year or so. I indeed will investigate your leads and make the organizational changes you suggest. As for more detailed info on individual titles, any stuff you zip my way will be appreciated. As I mentioned earlier all the information I have is what is presented to me by the distributor, and you are obviously far more savvy to the JC library than I am, so I will embrace any details you feed me. Thanks again for the nod. Indeed I want to thank you for your promotional link to the Bookskellar.

I have sold several JC books over the past few months, and no doubt have you to thank for it. Give me a week or so to make the changes you've suggested. I've noticed that Amazon has already killed some of their own JC links so I will make a bona fide effort to clean up the carnage on the JC page. Like I say, gimme a few days. Things are rather hectic around here this week. Because I am still unfamiliar with frames, I can only presume that the Bookskellar JC URL will remain the same, although it doesn't show up in the active location cell. Regardless, I will send you a note informing you that the changes have been implemented. Thanks again. And I promise soon, I'll get around to spewing my Jim Carroll anecdotes, for better or for worse. We've never actually been formally introduced, but we crossed each other arrogant paths several times in the Eighties in DC...


Thanks for responding so quickly! After I sent my message to you late last night, it occurred to me that it sounded really pushy, so I'm relieved! I greatly appreciate your interest in this. Also, I'm intrigued that JC is so popular on your site. Hmmm. I'm curious to know more about the numbers you are getting, because I am becoming more and more amazed to discover how many JC fans there are just on the internet. At least three people e-mail me every day asking to be added to my mailing list (sometimes as many as ten in one day), and that's only a small percentage of the people visiting my website. I *think* it gets about 50 hits per day on the website--which amazes me partly because the links on all of the search engines still point to the old "ernie" location, but also because I can't believe there are so many JC fans out there. Of course it could just be the same five people visiting ten times a day...I know that JC fans tend to be sort of obsessive that way (hee hee).

Well, that's enough rambling from me. I hope I can send some business your way, and I
would love to hear your JC stories!

Best wishes,

Cassie Carter
American Thought & Language
229 Ernst Bessey Hall
Michigan State University
E. Lansing, MI 48824


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""