Must Have Slept Through It

04 Jan


Still Life by Max Beckmann


Date: Mon Jan 4, 1999 10:18:29 AM

Hey Karen—as you requested, I am alerting you to the new Summer Wind pictures. Mmm, what else, oh yeah. Did you have dinner with us yet? I must have slept through it, or something like that. Just kiddin' ya kid. Hope you & the Momster had a great holiday despite all the cold and ice you must have encountered down in Williamsburg.

I DO hope you'll make time for us soon...


It was so good to hear from an old friend. Thanks for letting me know the new pictures are up. It is fun to be famous! Let me know when you want me over for dinner. I'm free January 11-13 if any of those dates work for you and Sue. I'll bring the tequila!

Momster and I had an ok holiday. We went to Williamsburg and had to drive right back home. We there a total of 15 minutes. Because of the ice storms they have been having, our hotel had no electricity, phones or water. Needless to say, we were a little disappointed. Next time we visit Williamsburg will be in the Spring or Summer.

Please let me know about dinner. I'm looking forward to seeing my old pals again.

Miss you guys,


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