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17 Dec


Steppenwolf Agonistes


Date: Fri Dec 17, 1999 1:21:22 PM America/New_York

Can you believe THIS? Does Quinn actually believe that I CAN or WILL design and host a site of this nature for the mere $561 that I quoted him as he was oohing and aahing over Richard's site? This guy's in the damned high end PR business, so he knows better than that since the search engine value of these sites are superfluous, and so are weak in concentrated text and heavy in splashy graphical content. What kind of sick game is this? Why can't I just once deal with a straight talker? These sites are expensive, bleeding edge, six to ten thousand minumum, family prices, and that's IF they know damned close to exactly what they want. Take a look at these rather illustrious URLs...

This is a particularly interesting page mapping the PR mind, as rich in Debordian evil via its shameless advocation of spectacular domination as it gets. But since I am not Bracken, I would love a chance to design and get paid well for an elegant job zinging with this much taste and technology. Finally a classy approach, but then, apparently he wants, what? a freebie, or is he simply mocking me? Hmmm. I don't think Quinn really wants to work with me. That's fine. If people can't step up to the plate, say what they mean, mean what they say, I'm lost in a universe I don't understand.

Ethel called, says we could reschedule for Christmas Eve, if we are still feeling poorly. I told her we really want to make it there this weekend to help kickstart the season, although Christmas Eve of course is always somebody's sentimental favorite. Told her I'd run it by you. She wasn't pushing any particular date I don't think, just wanted to be accommodating.

Love my baby...


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