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10 May


The Universal Pirate


Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 21:31:12

Halooooo Mr Thy—Aye matee, 'twer a fair piece of words...and well received. A game, ye say Mr. Thy. Right then, twelve it be! I'll let ye know when the deed is done, so's we can do the exchaingin' at the same time. Yer lets me know too, me hearty. (See, you shouldn't get me off on that pirate talk...I have a friend I sail with that when the weather gets nasty and the seas get big and rough, we calm ourselves with grog and pirate talk...and trust that 'thems what made this fine vessel, knew their craft'...and our only requirement is to sail her to safety.)

I don't know if I mentioned two fine little wood sloops, made in Holland. I have a Vandestadt designed 24 footer named "Nimbus" that has taken me through more than I wanted to be in. And, a Vandestadt 36 footer "Sian" (center cockpit, with aft cabin) made for affluent Dutch familys to sail from Holland to South Africa. Right now both are out of water. Sian (made 1959) is rebuilt and waiting for yours truly to finish putting in the new engine and reassembly for this summer's cruising. She's a beauty, and fast!

I think this little exercise might help clarify where each of us is coming from, and perhaps to where we would like to go. What say ye, Brother George?—GT

Anyway, about collecting 12 faves...OK, We may not have the same meanings for the same words, but it would fun anyway.

I am afraid of the word—Lord. I never use it. Slavery and its modern counterpart, racial self-consciousness, has tainted the word with roaring poisonous fumes for now in my southern-poxed vocabulary. Lording over anybody as celebrity or bankrolled sophisticate as a concept drives my fear of success.—GT

You would not "lord" it over anyone, without the knowledge that you had become what you feared, and have to change it. You see, you are a's too late to fear. Were Divinci, or Sartre less important during their poverty and obsqurity, just because they were under published? No man, it's a 'right place, at right time' world. The only way to miss now, is to keep your talent to yourself, never share it, or show it to anyone, and then all you will do is delay the enevitable, and become known posthumasly!

Lord, simply means, provider of the bread. You are certainly right in saying time and events have eschewed the meaning and message of words. My job, for me is to "filter" race conciousness, and preconcieved notion, out and collect essences. Unfodder the language that has been screwed up since "the tower of Babbel."

Anyway, more later, must turn attention to other matters for the moment. Blessings to you and yours, buck up, everything's gonna be allright!


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