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03 Jun

Island Mesmerization

Island Mesmerization


From: Sharon Robertson
Date: Tue Jun 3, 1997 12:12:13 PM

Perhaps you can help me. I am seeking accomodation at Sea Camp on Cumberland Island for the Memorial Day weekend starting May 22nd returning May 25th 1998. I have a telephone number for reservations for Cumberland Island which is 912 882-xxxx but which remains busy. Is there perhaps another number that I can try?

Sharon, we are no longer affiliated with Cumberland Island. What little you found and what I plan to expand on my web site is purely personal and nostalgic. My family lived and worked on the island from 1968-1972, and then again in the late seventies, but since then my only contact was a visit there with my wife and friends in 1993. Sorry, I cannot specifically help you in this regard. However, Sea Camp, to my knowledge offers only day trips and camping. The old Carnegie home, Greyfield Inn, however, not affiliated with Sea Camp, is a full service Inn, and should have a telephone number on Amelia Island across the sound in Florida. But my only advice is to keep calling the number you have. And thanks for visiting my site. Sorry the Cumberland area is still a bit skimpy in content...


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