Ravi, I Do Not Have Colon Cancer, Not Yet

10 Mar


Can't You See?


Date: Tue Mar 10, 1998 12:01:34 PM

So Ravi, how, and more specifically why did you snag my name out of the Internet hat to contact for pen pal favors? Please be honest. Truth is more evasive than fiction. I am a poet, web designer, street corner intellectual. Are you up to the challenge? As a mechanical engineer, you no doubt should have some fire under the hood, and might make a worthy correspondent. I am willing to accept your offer since I have communicated at length in the past with others I met via E-mail and website logistics from Germany and Russia and remote areas of this country. Feel free to be frank and exploratory. Be yourself, and I shall be mine. We should expect to answer each other's questions with integrity and clarity. By these rules, our correspondence can do nothing but flourish.

I spent ten years in the civil engineering field as a land surveyor with a strong focus in sewer and water facilitation, and later in new housing park development. I now work from a Macintosh computer in my home studio where I write essays and letters, imagine a novel, continue to build my own websites and occasionally hire myself out as web designer and Internet consultant to clients on special referral basis. My current personal domains are:


I am 42 years old. You are much younger, but it only seems like yesterday that I was 22, freewheeling and full of vigor. There are those who still think me quite the character. It is a daily glory to wake up each morning to realize that I am married, and have been so for the past 14 years. I am sterile, so no children are possible, but most of our friends this past decade have been ten to fifteen years younger than us, and have acted like children, so we savor the fact that we haven't missed out on anything. I went to the doctor yesterday and came away with good news. I do not have colon cancer. My body however is host to a fistula in the rectal area that must be removed with surgery, but the diagnosis is not life-threatening.

Why do you, Ravi, have simply a free web-based HOTMAIL account? Are ISPs a rare service in your sector of the global economy? Living in Washington, DC for the past fourteen and a half years, I was born and raised in the southeastern United States, in southern Georgia and northern Florida mostly, although the remainder of my immediate family now lives in Atlanta, in the north-central portion of the state.

I have dabbled only briefly in politics, my city's main export, but consider it a responsibility to follow as much of the furor as my palate will allow. Congratulations on your country's recent celebration of 50 years of independence. Perhaps you can share a few thoughts on the topic of independence. India is such a diverse country of language specific areas. As you may know, multiculturalism is a major focus of the American landscape in the latter decade of the 20th century, and India is most often held up as a situation where America should not follow. I would be quite interested in any insights you could share...

If the serious tone of my letter is not what you had in mind when you contacted me, I will accept your silence as a decision made in your own best interests, no harm done. Otherwise, I await your next contact, as always,

With respect,

Gabriel Thy

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