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Date: 06 Dec 98 15:52:12 +0000
Subject: Welcome to the ROCC Listserv!

Welcome to the RENEWING OUR CAPITAL CITY (ROCC) listservice! As a charter subscriber you have joined a discussion group that has accepted its civic responsibility in identifying and publicizing the many issues which plague Washington DC in its present status as a political jurisdiction struggling to survive. Many of these competing interests and issues are unknown to the general population across the nation, who perhaps know only that Washington DC is the seat of the nation's government, that the US Congress works here, and that President and the Vice-President reside and work here in surroundings made familiar by national news coverage and Hollywood.

But there are many active factions in this debate as to what DC was designed to be, what it has become, and what it should become in the future. ROCC has no monopoly on perspective, and this List is intended to offer a venue for all perspectives on the stae of affairs here in Washington the City, Washington the District, Washington the Nation's Capital, and Washington the hopeful 51st State.

By contributing to the discussion you can insure that many voices, and not merely the entrenched "professional" political activist will be articulated as the integral issues are published on the List. Thus by subscribing AND contributing, you will stay informed on the general debate as political strategies anticipating the future of our Nation's Capital are mapped to the immediate and future needs of the District. Should the need arise, new listservices will be added to accommodate specific issues, and of course, you will be invited to subscribe to them as they are inaugaurated.

The website and this List have only just been launched, so please bear with us as we anticipate growing into a lively resource of information given time to publicize our existence. And please be considerate of others on this List by keeping to the topic and remaining civil even in a heated discussion. By arguing ideas, and NOT personality traits, we can build a stronger communication force with which to deal properly with the issues at hand. Abusers of this very simple guideline will be politely warned by the Listmom, and persistance of this straying from accepted protocol (as deemed proper by the List Owner) may result in the loss of one's subscription.

To unsubscribe to this mail list, simply send a message to the list address with the unsubscribe command anywhere in the body of the message.

Date: 26 Dec 1998 09:53:13 -0500
From: Gabriel Thy
Precedence: bulk

The US Constitution and its Amendments has been posted in full at

Eventually, a keyword search engine will be made available for the entire ROCC site, so stay tuned as we roll on into the last of the nineteens (See Louis Farakhan for full numerology).



Hey Danielle—trust I wasn't too rough on you last night. I was running on fumes, both from a lack of sleep (having stayed up the previous night working on a website for my sister who just published a phonics reader for the homeschool market) and of course those party beverages I inhaled. But I am quite serious about the political status of the District, and have thought much on a possible solution, radical or otherwise, and wish to work this project to its natural conclusion. In addition to the website I have created a ROCC mailing list in order to establish a public forum on all the issues which are involved in mapping out a suitable plan for the capital's future.

The listserv is presently inactive, but I do hope that you'll see fit to subscribe, and thus contribute as time goes on your own line of reasoning in "supporting" statehood for the District. The list will also alert subscribers to site updates and other publications of interest. Once the site (and as you pointed out the prerequiste white papers) have been composed and published I will actively publicize the mailing list, and in doing so, hope to draw into the loop many of the more established players concerning this discussion.

You guys are fabulous! Everyone in the SWORG nest save the K has joined the ROCC list (plus a couple of others), and I didn't even realize it until just now! Jeepers! My first choice to spearhead this ROCC Foundation, Ms. Danielle McBeth hasn't responded to my first E-mail, but she did tell my wife this morning that she, Danielle, needed to clear some time so that she could think properly on the ROCC issues, and will get back to me as soon as she can. Looking good, gentlemen, ladies.


Gabriel Thy
Creative Director
Graphic Solutions Ink Systems

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