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09 Nov


Richmond, VA


Date: Mon Mar 16, 1998 8:59:56

Hey Dave, me again. Epstein called the other day and wanted me to touch base with you on swapping links. I don't knoiw why he cares, but I'll concede if you do. I have laid in some infrastructure for a DC friends and foes section on my Scenewash Project site where I can accommodate Sean's urges. You can visit my two sites listed below, and link to onem both, or neither of them. Just let me know what you want to do. I'll stick something on my front page at the Project relating to a quickie link to your page, if you decide you want to follow through on this.

Otherwise, have a cracker on me...


At 8:18 PM -0500 11/9/97, Dave Gerster wrote: Gabriel, I'm not sure I know you...?
—David Gerster, The Sisters of Morrissey

No, but I've known Epstein for nearly a decade, and I know that counts triple in cat years. I sent you that piece because I had just written it, and felt is was a decent followup to what Sean and I were grumbling about on the phone yesterday. I was hoping that the title would clue you and you might print the piece for Epstein to read. Meanwhile, hey, I'm Gabriel. I don't get out much these days; too old, fat, tired, and busy on my website to browse the streets and nightclub scene much anymore. Nevertheless I was invited to Galaxy Hut last night but my wife had the car until 8PM and we were both too beat to make it back out the house, being early risers (I'd been up since five AM and drinking since noon, she'd put in another shift at work) et al...

You've created a pretty nifty rock page. I listened to your tunes. Particularly like FOOLS, SUN, and HYMNAL in that order...DREAMS really sucks. What platform do you work from? Always a platform ad software geek, so I ask unabashed I currently command a Mac 8500/120, whoa Nelly, with 80MB RAM.

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