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29 Feb

Boxed In Boxed Out

Boxed In Boxed Out


Date: Tue Feb 29, 2000 10:36:53 AM

Len—two tries on my online credit card terminal netted me the same result in trying to process your server refund. Somehow, even though I carefully plug the numbers into the right cell, an error message stating "credit card number missing" stops me in my tracks as soon as I try to execute the form. That means one of two things. Either your credit card number has been invalidated, which is unlikely, or my Terminal form is not functioning properly, allowing me to refund $220 for server fees, much more likely. I just phoned you at home, but you were out in the Volvo.

Despite this being the first time I have even tried this "return" function, it's a straight up process, and why it's not passing your credit card number along with all the other data, is a mystery, a thorn in my acorn. Right now, to save myself aggravation, I'm sending you a check payable for that amount instead, and will deal with this freak the next time I need to get it to work, or when some random afternoon the urge to write this notoriously sorry support staff to facilitate a fix indulges me fancy.

You should be receiving it no later than the weekend.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


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