Severna Park Toad Croaks Again During The Night

19 Mar


Toad In The Road


Service out since before midnight last night (my mailer logs scheduled for midnight came in this morning once back online) until eleven fifteen this morning. Seems that YET ANOTHER UPGRADE has caused problems at The Toad. In fact, the new software failed to work altogether and they had to reinstall the old. I love these folks in Severna Park but they need to get a grip on currency regs and leave well enough alone sometimes. That's just basic, right up there with announcing these blistering edge upgrades in an email to all customers, and even more importantly, having a staff to answer the phone when this sort of outage is expected or underway. This "upgrading" every two weeks or so is radically obtuse, and quite disruptive to the client depending on and paying for 24 hour service. Why are they too flipping cutting edge aggressive to notice this? I know this is the wild west era of the Internet technology frontier, and we are the pioneers, but haven't they heard of the sandbox? Our professional clients don't expect this, and neither do we. Growing pains equals death of small startup, and that would be us, not Toad.


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