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16 Dec


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Wed Dec 16, 1998 11:15:55 AM

Dear Maude—oh, glaucoma! I suspected the devil but didn't want to jump to conclusions. I really don't know much about G, its symptoms or its therapies. But do take care of those eyes, Maude. Sorry again, about getting your hopes up on the book.

From the used & rare bookseller's website and feedback form it looked legitimately likely that the specific Ashantilly Press book was in stock at the time, and I wanted it so much to be true. Suffice it to say I'll work the caution angle next time I stumble across a listing.

I know you'll enjoy the new car! Now that you're going ragtop again I guess I can say it without giving offence, but I was a little "disappointed" to see that your little white convertible you had in your carport in 1994 at MaaMaa's 80th had been replaced with something just a mite less stylish. I'd imagined you many times in whatever one calls these imagings, these flashes and reveries that plague me in spirit as I yearn to be everywhere at once and nowhere in particular, wheeling about in that little white machine, and felt justified in telling myself that the zippy little convertible was ultimately you. Truly I must have been right. . . and while I remember what you were driving in 1994, I do not remember much about your latest car except that it WASN'T that lil white scooter I'd pictured you driving—please realize that I'm not trying to insult you by casting dispersions on your last car, it's just I wanted you to know to what lengths I go to tell all, whenever I seize the moment. Anywazy, happy motoring. As for Sue's Bonneville SSE, I warned her even as we were buying it that it would be a heist magnet. We looked at a silver Chrysler New Yorker at the same time, but it just wasn't the luxury car this emerald & gold Pontiac is, and so we risked the challenge. I am sad that I was right, Maudie. I doubt the New Yorker would have interested thieves. But Sue loves her new car like nothing I've seen her cherish before. Maybe these two kids won't try again, but as I reported earlier, the police officer suggested they might. It's still in the shop. Hopefully we get it back by the weekend.

Which brings me to the Douglas fir portion of this program. No, we haven't indulged yet, but will force our way out into the holiday crowds this weekend I suppose. On the heels of the car theft invasion and a general malaise brought on by nerve-frazzling work-related issues, last weekend was a sluggish one for us. With lots of good things to celebrate this week, December finally arriving (instead of this record-breaking 75 degree weather we'd been having for weeks) we expect to break out big on Saturday (for history's sake).

Guess I can finally call myself a poet without thinking in someway I'm conning myself and others. Won second place and a fifty dollar check in another book publishing event (makes the third I've had published in a book since 1984).
Don't know if Mother's written you yet, but she had some splendid news yesterday. The assistant director of public relations there at Oglethorpe U hunted her down in the coffee shop, giving her his card with the announcement that they want to nominate her for the YWCA's woman of the year award. She said she was astounded, and really thrilled, and even if she doesn't win the award, to have been nominated by the school was truly an honor. I am glad you and Sally are going to Atlanta for her graduation. In fact I had no idea of the date, but may very well try to get there. I am ever thankful she and her friend Ed Farrow made it up to Washington in 1990 to be present at my inaugaration as ANC Commissioner. The highlight of that day was when the whole crowd (mostly black folks) let out a unified audible groan when Jesse Jackson began his own acceptance speech as shadow Senator. Now THAT struck a chord with me. Some insiders say he is planning another run at the presidency. That guy just doesn't get it...elsewhere in politics, I think the Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot here by trying to oust Clinton. If Gore takes over, entrenches, wins favor, he will probably ride into the White House with great numbers. But if Clinton would be allowed to hobble along, then the voters may turn to the GOP for fresh blood. Dunno, I mentioned this to Sue last night, and she said her whole office was discussing Gore yesterday, as he personally was hitting up the office principals for campaign funds already.

I also broke new ground yesterday, being offered my first freelance job as a result of a recently forged strategic partnership. In fact the job (first in many I might should hope) was offered after networking with the well-marketed Amy Van Sant Creations namesake at my Internet Service Provider's (ISP) holiday mixer Monday night in Annapolis. I may also yesterday have solidified my position in my own Capitol Hill neighborhood by making initial contact with a fledgling ISP here, a company whose design skills or meager time allotments for said design made apparent by their own rather ugly website has suggested that they could also throw some work my way. But I've saved the best for last.

Guess I can finally call myself a poet without thinking in someway I'm conning myself and others. Won second place and a fifty dollar check in another book publishing event (makes the third I've had published in a book since 1984). The recently published gold-leaved volume arrived in the mail last week, and I said to Sue that while this was nice I suppose, I was swearing off this sort of vanity publication treadmill. Of course, now they go and do something fancy like this to me.

Now to an even splashier topic. THE BOAT! Well, sure we would be interested in buying Chip Johnson's 21 footer! What are the terms? I'm not certain we can afford it, and the maintenance at this time, but I'm certainly interested in hearing about it. Slips runs about $100/month a round these parts, and as a first time boat owner, but sea-notched almost by birthright, incidental expenses may surely add up. Please share any straight dope on all things boating you deem worthwhile, and please let us know the terms of the sale. Trust Chip is recovered from whatever ailed him last week.

As for the security issues, we found several rather comprehensive websites, but as suspected we were clueless in determining what would work, what was bogus, and with the price points scaling all over the place, we were left limp with indecision. Any solid advice from any experts you may have in the loop would be greatly appreciated.

Give our best to everyone. Happy holidays,


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