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31 Dec


Family Quaff


Date: Wed Dec 31 14:00:26 1997
From: Tim Shipman

I hope you clear your sniffles out soon. Regarding Darrell, I suggested he try and swing by on you on Monday since he said he was going to be in town. We all know how dependable he can be.

As for New Year's resolutions, I agree that different personal habits of drastic change from previously, will absolutely be necessary, and yes I would be interested in picking-up dollars, so we will most definitely talk about it in the near future. As for festivities eve, I do believe I will remain at home, and act as bastion and beacon for those who might find themselves at my door. I will of course, be flushing my system w/plenty of beer and high volume tunes—this is an invite of sorts. I'm leaving the office now, so any response you send won't be retrieved before Friday.

A Happy New Year's bliss to you and your kindred, Timothy Ess. Heard you were a couple of quarts low on the energy scale, and would miss Peter's all time favorite home band, SHINE, tonight. Yeah, me too. Laying low and mean this evening of parties anon, slayed with the sniffles and queasies and buttblisters to boot. Heard you hung with the Willis, yeah, the prototype for all our broken dreams, a few nights among the recent past. Supposedly the notorious tape in question (Sue's and my first wedding anniversary tape 9-13-85 at the Sylvan) is back in circulation, tapped away at the Norman Vandersluys but he's never at home, and well, I'm sick, and life is a gas. Also heard you made another bold resolution to cut back the supplies in an attempt to stow some money away. I've probably got a couple of hundred I could put in your pocket if you want to do some data entry for me. We should talk it over sometime soon. I've got a library to digitize...

Cutting back supplies is not going to be an easy task to master unless you fill the gaps of old behavior with new projects, new routines, new psychomechanical associations. But of course you KNOW all this already...

Best spirits of the calendar,


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