Super Bowl 1999: Notions Of Everywhere

29 Jan


Shades of Class


Maude—love and possibilities. Did Laurie's books arrive? Hope they meet your expectations after buying TEN of them! I'm feeling a bit better these past couple of days. Been really busy though, pushing and pulling the future by managing the past.

Just wanted to pop in with a smile. No real news to report. Will be thinking of you during the Super Bowl though. Finally Atlanta breaks through to its first NFC title. Chances of winning it all are slim I think, but hopefully we can make it a tight game. That Reeves, Shanahan, Elway triangle is a vigorous assault on the notions of everywhere, isn't it? I don't watch football much anymore, but keep up a bit on the periphery. Yet, this game is certainly worth noting for us Georgians, especially after having heard of your own sports mentality transformation. I'll tell you a secret if you promise not to expand upon it leaving me with quarreling whims of regret, because I just don't have the tools or stamina to resist any of your darling arguments, yet I must. But your tale of recent Sunday ballgame relaxation strategies to beat back the active lifestyle blues had me conspiring in a big way to hop into the Bonneville and scream down the coast just to watch the game with you and your gang, if you'd have had room for me, of course.

I even told Sue what had been swirling around in my head. But we both recognized the impractibility of that reverie, and she nixed the idea immediately, trumping me with the fact that she was much needed at work, and is having to work this whole weekend, although she's said she'll squeeze in the game with me. Typical end of year bookkeeping routines. But she manages several sets of books for a rough and tumble freewheelin' fiscal crew where nothing is routine. Plus, her assistant (and best friend) just took another job leaving a pile of work in the wake. Her absence is again leaving Sue struggling with far too much grunt work for a single person to manage. The temp the office hired this week is a bust, eating up more time better spent elsewhere since this bulk of a woman is definitely out of her league in the Alcalde-Fay offices. So the saga continues. If it's the thought that counts, I'll be nested there in spirit somewhere around the Hornsby TV set cheering the Falcons...

Besides, my own workload is beginning to take on new significance, so it's back to the grindstone, and good thoughts for all. Now you promised Maude! No great gushes or pleas. I just wanted you to know despite the present scheme of things how much I YEARN to be closer to the groove to soak up all this good cheer I know will be contagious at Ashantilly...

Love and huge Falcon touchdowns,


Hey, get in that car and come on down! I did not get past reading the entire email, just stopped after you were telling the woes of Sue’s work schedule —come on alone. I’m sure she would not mind. As far as room, I actually have Mama’s room available. The little girls will most likely sleep with me but I have them set up in the front room. Now Johnny and Della are coming today instead of Sunday, so not to worry them with a crying baby (maybe she will not, maybe she will), we got them a honeymoon cottage, a one bedroom at Ocean Point. PLEASE, please, please hit the road, and drive safely. Now I’ll go back and finish reading your letter. Wow it will be great.

Love & many smiles,


PS if I don”t hear real quick I’ll check the net when I get back from meeting Elizabeth at Lady’s Island to pick up the darlings.

Tue Feb 02 14:30:19 1999

Hi sweetie—coming home tomorrow. Will try to leave Fripp by 10 AM, and so should arrive back in DC between six & eight in the evening. If earlier, I may swing by your office. Anywaze Maude just returned home after spending an hour at her new bible study group. This was the first meeting held at the study founder's home here on the island. I'll call tonight...

They want me to start to work, and we haven't even discussed money. Prosperity approacheth! I don't believe these people are cheapskates, so I'm just happy to be working.

Love & paydays,


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