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The Only Way I Will Stay With Them Is To Leave Size 13EE Tracks

21 Jan


The Price Of Steel


Wed Jan 21 00:47:30 1998
From: Owen Chaffee

What in hell are you talking about... don't you like my "longputter" address name? I thought you were my friend! No offense meant...just tweaking a good friend. Thanks for your suggestion about switching from AOL's native lines to a TCP/IP dial in line. I'll give it a try, hopefully this will fix the problem. Explain how you lowered the AOL monthly fee from $19.95 to $9.95. I think that is about the only way i will stay with them. My computer is a Mac Performa 630 CD with 36 RAM. I do have a Global Platinum Telaport Fax program, but it works perfectly. I've had no conflict problems of any kind and have been using it for almost two years so my problem must stem from something else.

Yes your still in the loop for designing a home page for our steel company. Things have been moving so fast with them that we've not had a chance to follow up, but we will take another look at it shortly. I'll keep you advised. My best to your beautiful bride, Sue.

Date: Thu Oct 9, 1997 9:01:35 AM
From: Gabriel Thy

Hello old friend,

It's been some time since we last heard from you. Trust all is roses and good health in the Chaffee household. Owen, perhaps you heard through the grapevine that Alcalde & Fay has just completed the initial phase of its Internet presence, and will soon have Internet E-mail capabilities thanks to our money-saving recommendations.


The Horsehead Erasure

Our company, Graphic Solutions Ink Systems, was awarded the web design and maintenance contract for Alcalde & Fay. Our own commercial web site is located here. Owen, since you were one of the eager early birds to embrace E-mail several years ago, I'm inclined to think you are also savvy to the potential of a professionally designed web site to help build a lasting corporate community with higher visibility, expeditious communications, and integrated management, while keeping pace with the competition with perceptibly enhanced revenues over the long haul as the Internet moves from novelty to must-have technology in business.

While not privy to any specifics, we understand that you operate several successful businesses, and could quite conceivably profit from a strategically-designed and managed web site. Graphic Solutions Ink Systems seeks to appeal to the well-established Owen Chaffee business sense for the opportunity to discuss this matter in more depth at your earliest convenience. Perhaps you already have a site, perhaps you do not. Whatever your current situation, I do believe that we can offer a more competitive service. Shouldn't we chat?

Best regards,

Gabriel Thy
Creative Director
Graphic Solutions Ink Systems

P.S. Immensely appreciated your call and flattering comments the other day. Let's put it this way, the only way I will stay with them is to leave size 13EE tracks...

Sun On Scandal Clad Toes

31 Jul


First Commercial Client


Original posted on Thu, 31 Jul 1997 15:58:46

The client is a billionaire Arab businessman snared in the BCCI scandal of the early Eighties along with former presidential advisors Clark Clifford & Bert Lance, with some fallout attributed to a straw man association with the Georgia National Bank. His name is Gaith Pharaon, in extradiction-safe exile from America while he tries to recoup his frozen assets, hundreds of millions of dollars scattered about US banks, and still fight six or seven US Federal Court criminal & civil suits now lodged against him. His site is an attempt at damage control heavy on the positive spin. He's also scandalized in several South American and Western European countries.

As for my part, I'm breathing the welcomed air of a substantial monthly retainer ($435) confirmed this morning by my contact, Barry Zorthian, who was hired by Pharaon's New York lawyers. Am also meeting next week with a US Naval officer (two years shy of retirement perhaps (looking for contract designers) and—oh yes, I now remember mentioning him to you a while back—well, he may be interested in working the public relations end for GSIS.

Thanks to Barry Zorthian, his taste for scotch and a good cigar will be celebrated forever around here for bringing in my first commercial client. Always & Forever COULD be next!

Yes, we've played some kid stuff tennis, not as often as I'd like if I am to change this body of mine, but now that the heat spell is over...

Coptic times. Islam & money. Sun on my scandal clad toes. And finally a real job for...



"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""