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More Eclectic Than You Appear In The Mirror, Madame

29 Feb


Myhouse Madame


Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 05:36:58

What the fuck you thick as a brick why you put goddamn car dealers and sports on your webb page?

Alane Hartley

Who are you? And why dear sir, uh, Madame, do you profane my domain with idle gossip not worth the cheese between the Strong Magellan and Weak Nicodemus toes on your left foot? May Rasputin have mercy upon you. Perhaps you should swear off cars and sweat, by knowing them no more, and just stick to virtual razzmatazz. You wear it well. Or at least as well as Madonna slipping fast into quicksand.

I would like to think you were more eclectic than you appear in the mirror, but then again I have always been the dreamer slumming around with the impossible dream. Am I reading too much between the lines, or are you asking me for sexual favors? Your language, why so hostile. Why are ypu even on my site. Does Russell know? This sort of cybertrash street talk will only take you so far. You'll have to finish the job yourself.

Just got off the phone with Jennifer. She called at 3:30 in the morning from New York where she's finishing up her doctorate in social anthropology. Again we vigorously feasted on the mesmerizing similarities our inner paths seem to portray. She swore her love for me yet again, and I knew it was true. And I do love a good dip in the river. Watersports anyone?

Yours in Everlasting Rope,



"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""