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Bukowski And Lemonic Apples

18 Oct

AV Power Mac Display

AV Power Mac Display


Gave up momentarily on the ISDN chase. Nobody in DC knows a damned thing, but as I predicted somewhere long ago while tucked between the page 3 girl's left and right tit, all would never never be well in the Power Mac ghetto. Sue gabbed half an hour with Apple last night, leaving her miffed and sexist. She absolutely HATES talking to female tech support. Says they are snotty, know nothing, airheads on ice. Well, okay, Sue wasn't as colorful, but you get the drift. I tell her that I have experienced male support just as pitiful, but seem to get along splendidly with the online gash (uh, Bukowski's word). Although I recall a ClarkNET Sally who was a pile of ketchup beans. Is there, uh, something here the professional anti-sexism radicals are missing in this delighful picture? All I know is we know what works for us...

Meanwhile she is taking the CPU into her office this morning to check it against other monitors. The CPU light came on last night but the monitor did nothing, yet all suspicion rests with the CPU she and Apple are saying. SHIT, more delays, lemons and apples, go figure...

Will keep you updated. That huge monitor is awesome looking on the new table we bought. But of course RAM is nowhere in sight until we get this Mac up and running. Guess that's what I get for trying to save eleven hundred bucks...

Were you expecting more dope on Bukowski? Sorry, Charlie. No more tuna on this channel. Catch me on the flip flip.


Two Guys And A Bowl Of Fuzzy Snits

18 Sep


Society of the Spectacle


Originally pub. September 18, 1996

Thanks Landry once again for appreciating my posts. Just what this discussion was originally supposed to be about is still up for debate! Go figure!

Jacques Derrida & Schrodinger's cat, not chickens, somebody else piped in, but for my money I don't know why these people think a topic can't or won't stray a few fuzzy threads away from the narrowness of whatever it is they think THEY are ranting on about. After all, these snits aren't even in charge of the group. I simply jumped in where I had something to say after being bombarded with a bunch of notes yesterday from this Derrida group I guess I joined a few weeks ago because I haven't joined one recently...

How's it going? My back between my shoulder blades has been bothering me the past few days. Tonight Sue & I are traipsing out past Bailey's Crossroads to Borders to catch the Guy Kawasaki booksigning. Guy is the original MacEvangelist, again working for Apple. Hope to get a snapshot of the Mac Guy & yours truly. Later we'll stop for dinner, then cruise back into town for one of Guy Debord's Situationist International flicks, from the 1960s, I would suppose. Len Bracken issued the invite. Tonight in the WPA artspace...whoopee! He breathed his signature Bracken's breath over the phone with a hint of desperation at Gabriel's indifference, "Uh, nine o'clock's probably a little too late for you, right?" But I said that this time he was in luck. We were going to be out, and would certainly try to swing by to catch his idol philosopher in action.

And yes, I noticed that this would be a two Guy (actually a GYE & a GUEE, but who's counting these days?) evening...


"Create like a God, Command like a King, and Work like a Slave..."


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""