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The Toys Of Summer

15 Apr


Toys of Summer


The din of silence from the Stevester is just one more reason why computers are not what they used to be in a world gone mad over speed and sad over performance...

We signed up for ISDN access yesterday. Tuesday, May 13 is installation date. Videoconferencing should be more reliable then, but will I ever have an equitable use for it? How's the apartment hunt going? Tim breezed by this past Sunday with the news that he'd been paging you all morning to no avail, snagging his 45s, and part of some movie with Sue in the same breath. Sue reported the afternoon when you called and I was sleeping, that you repeatedly coaxed her to inform me I should page you, any time, any time, any time. Well, I finally did. I sent you two pages, well links, on a new introductory iMote page, mostly a cheap trick dazzler, but I was inspired to ante up by a recent visit to Ben Voos' site:

I haven't been flooding you with messages lately because I know how beaver you've been, so why waste bandwidth, as they say in the lower snot caverns where the toys of summer bring fall rains...

Peter and I swapped notes yesterday at a pace reminiscent of some of our own E-mail as instant messages tours des force (is that proper, or should the "ess" follow the word force?). I finally felt like I broke a little ground if not a lotta wind with Pete. Nothing more specific than recaptured focus, but it felt good.

Lemme know what's been keeping you when you get that infernal chance, right? Has there been a Sullivan in your life lately?


Casting For Type In All The Wrong Faces

07 Apr

Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown


Mon Apr 07 18:49:19 1997

>But you beat them there with a better image.--->SET

NOTE TO READERS: Steve Taylor was always looking for the next killer tweak of the early WWW which had only been invented two years earlier with the first graphical browser, Mosaic. He was tireless in his pursuit of gadgetry, bandwidth maximization, and the possibilities of the fledgling technology. To my own credit, I was doing a similar thing, but was not interested in what others were doing. Instead I was ecstatic that I finally had a platform upon which to create, and was taking each step to push my own possibilities. Steve's noetic opinion that I was one of the very earliest designers who was continuously pushing the envelope for animated GIFs and image maps in both functionality and aesthetics was perhaps not as appreciated by me, as it should have been. Those early months of the WWW negotiating HTML tricks, bandwidth limits and competing screen resolutions were indeed heady days. I was always looking for a partner, not flattery. I still think the sabotaged partnership a great shot for both of us, but I am thankful that Stephen Edward Taylor was there to offer his running critiques.


Ugh. What a 70s flashblack mess that site has turned out to be today with a hack or two of rogue code. Okay, I liked the "Dig Your Own Hole. Click here!" animated GIF, but the rest of that gizmodo is too much. I've never been to Las Vegas, and don't really want to if I had to ante up my own dime. Maybe with an expense account like Hunter S.... Of course there is some decent style here and there on the Sonicnet, but I really am annoyed by the flashing goo goo...reminds me of this 1970s-1950s retro burger drive-in in the south, cheesy and greasy, NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT. But this topless bar peep show motif is just nasty, creepy design...

Don't know if you checked out the Bookskellar. I had a couple of errors in EVERY page that took me two swipes of file repair and FTP to alleviate, but it looks good now, except when testing just now I couldn't get a connection to AMAZON DOT COM, so I've still not seen complete and replicable success!


She Called But Crashed

05 Apr


Gabriel & Sue


Originally posted on Sat Apr 05 08:22:39 1997

Yep, from the Albany Public Library on her cellular. Yesterday. Place was packed with Power Macs, with a minority of Wintels, which of course colored me pink with passion as I tried to waddle her through the surf. It's amazing how Sue maintains this mental block about the Internet, can't quite get her mind around it, but because I know what I know, my own level of expertise far outstripping what little she does know, it makes some sort of weird GT-BS sense. We tend to rush into each other's void. I still prefer to let her troubleshoot my OS when there's trouble but in the last few months of fixes, managing very nearly on my own, I've regained a confidence I lost to boredom even in that area, although Sue usually can instantly answer a system question and she still has the edge in local area networking savvy, while I grunt at such mundane interruptions to my more natural work.

Excited by the prospects of testing for speed and resolution differences between the Albany machine and iMote, I settled in to be wowed by praise and prattle. Unfortunately, BS suffered Netscape 2.0 problems in a big way viewing my pages. Crash. Crash. Crash. Crashed. Javascript resistence. Plus she had trouble typing in the proper GEOCITIES URL, but surely that was her own failing, although she claimed there were no typos. That must have been frustrating, even humiliating had I been sitting in her seat. She had taken her Aunt Lou and Richard Waller, an octogenarian and a septengenarian, respectively, to the library to show them what I did, and wouldn't you know the Internet with its embarrassing glitches would show its ugly side...

She could quickly and maniacally transform into a mankiller on a nickel, in a wildcat hustle, clawing flesh and sheetrock leaving clumps of DNA all over any later testimony, especially when drinking past her stopping point. But on this sunny May afternoon we were merely romping through the city without restraints or vile poisons in our blood, enjoying ourselves at an Internet café on the softer side of rock and roll. I felt the spirit of Blumstein enter me as I said to myself, “Dammit, I felt like a rock star showing off my designs, the blueprint of my future victories over self-loathing. Thanks for noticing, you flatter me you clever girl.”
They were finally able to view the Peachmyth page with the Hedrick partial family photo. Aunt Lou was not in the picture, although Richard and I were. Aunt Lou tried out some ancient wit by proclaiming that the women in the picture looked better than the men, but who would ever declare otherwise? Not me with my upstart motto of "Give me women or give me blindness..."

When Sue was finally successful in loading a page, it was slow, slow, slow. My loads beat hers by a factor of four if not greater. She couldn't give me any modem or CPU details. Her first machine froze, so she moved to another. The second machine dazzled her with reload speed after each crash, but with a skeletal OS framework, there was no surprise there. I didn't even bother trying to get her to check the Navigator memory cache; the damn thing was crashing on that Lily Artwatcher page, a very simple, and hardly graphically burdened upload. I had her try to mail me from a Netscape/iMote link, but the library has no POP3 service, so THAT failed. All in all, a nightmare on Elm Street (is that the street the library is on???). Nope, a quick check. It's on Pine Street. Close but no cigar. Not quite the bohemian hip we managed at New York City's@Café last May with Jennifer watching and nodding favorably, carrying on in her own words "that my online work was sort of like rock stardom..." Always seductive, but dangerously frosty under certain conditions, Jennifer could spell the most charming kindness and come off as the most untethered supportive girl a man could ever want to know when she wanted, and she didn't even have to be chasing something at the moment, but I never doubted her sense of entitlement in the bloodsport of our age—star fucking. She could quickly and maniacally transform into a mankiller on a nickel, in a wildcat hustle, clawing flesh and sheetrock leaving clumps of DNA all over any later testimony, especially when drinking past her stopping point. But on this sunny May afternoon we were merely romping through the city without restraints or vile poisons in our blood, enjoying ourselves at an Internet café on the softer side of rock and roll. I felt the spirit of Blumstein enter me as I said to myself, "Dammit, I felt like a rock star showing off my designs, the blueprint of my future victories over self-loathing. Thanks for noticing, you flatter me you clever girl." True however, was the dumb fact that I had passively aggressively coerced her flattery by mumbling something to the effect that "Well, it's not as glamorous as being in a band, but I do enjoy creating pages..."

On the beachhead, check out the freshly ported Literary Chip pages, slighted overhauled from the GeoCities look. You can access them from the main page (the second one) by clicking on the Lily Artwatcher link located just under the word—slaphappy. Sue grew up in the house in which her parents, Wilma & Dermot still own and reside a single block off the old Albany family-named Slappy Drive, Albany's most notable commercial avenue? Hence, slaphappy.


Roll Your Own Bandwidth

31 Mar

true-detectiveOriginally posted on Mon Mar 31 02:01:23 1997

Yes. Checking the clock and checking my pages. Saturday's bandwidth problems are not reproducing themselves tonight. The graphics are loading almost as fast as they do from my own hard drive. That's good to know. The sluggishness this past Saturday at four in the afternoon was depressing, but understandable for a plethora. Thanks for the software. I'll examine it in the morning, as I'm getting ready to hit the sack. I just hope it doesn't hit back...

Postscript 2013: When I was somewhere in the vicinity of ten years old, my hometown got a 7-11 convenience store. So now we had one red light and one Seven-Eleven. Growing up, going cosmopolitan. My world had suddenly expanded to include cherry icees and True Detective magazines. I welcomed both these wonderful new products with exactly the same internal combustion as I had two years earlier discovered my first baseball cards. At ten I probably was the number one trader in town, maybe number two. I had thousands of cards. I would continue to trade the cards, but now I had found something else to do on the pretense of buying an icee. I never bought the magazines, but I would squat down—perched on the balls of my feet in front of the monster wooden rack backed up against the cashier's area—facing just a few feet from the familiar glass storefront doors to spend precious moments staring at the lurid covers and thumbing through what I soon learned were the less interesting pages of TD. Trapped between shame and boldness, it was the covers of scantily clad women in and out of some sort of criminal bondage scenario that jailed my eyes for anybody wandering into the store just feet behind me to note.

Years later I learned that Ludwig Wittgenstein also loved the American True Detective pulp magazines, according to his biographer Ray Monk in The Duty of Genius, but surely the fellow that was once known as the Boy Genius of Cambridge must have loved them for the stories.


Day At The Office In Three Notes Or Less

12 Mar


Renaissance Girl


That same flashing pilgrim URL I fixed yesterday has returned to its destabilized ways. Yours, too. Maybe it's a memory problem, but I really can't fathom exactly why. Each picture loads once but stops on the last one without recycling, although it works fine in the beginning because I always check them out. Yet the smaller, less frame-intensive banner animations still work. By the way did you notice I activated counters for your two new sites late Sunday night. And geez, that iMote TOC image map works like a charm from the GeoCities backdoor but not from the virtual server at iMote (TABnet). You just know things are going to get better in time, according to Moore's Law, but with bandwidth and modem speeds always poking us in the eye, I wonder if this will ever be worth all the strained nights spent in labors not of love but in testicle-numbing desperation...


Well, solved the imagemap duh...

Issue was in the HTML include. Should obey my mental notes. But there's one thing that still bothers me as a designer from a purely aesthetic perspective. All the books say continuity across a site is THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT of a layout, but until I master tables (yesterday when you called for CoolTalk I was flailing through Globetrotter trying to grip this next stage of design, it allows no frames) so that I can keep at least one section of the screen unchanged, I'm afraid I like experimenting far too much to stick to any SET design look. I'm a creative mess, I'm afraid, but I simply wanted to document problems and solving times, so here you go...

If I (we?) ever solve this animated GIF problem, here's what I will do: if you can get ten of your tekki buds to drop by and sign the iMote guestbook with some camouflaged clue that they would be interested, I'll follow up on that idea you had via a hidden door. Nothing close to kitchen duty, but how about a dozen or so knockdown dragout amateur babes in the raw chewing on nothing but a wonderful GeoCities URL necklace draped strategically to block the critics...

Check out Wayne Curtin's motorcycle vrrrooooom soundbyte on his page. It takes a short while to load of course but is seamless, and plays each time the page is refreshed.

I'm sure you remember Wayne is chief lobbyist for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, having relocated here from Sturgis. It's not a very slick page, but the sound is slamming, and the page is functional. Can't wait until I put the iMote elephant and a few other choice bytes out there on mine...

Still sleeping irregular hours, but I am vigorously planning the next 48 around the CoolTalk and Howrey Simon tours....


Peace, love, and far out web pages on the fly...


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""