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Storming The Vacation Emphatica (For Shannon)

02 May


Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker


COME TO THE COUNTRY, sail upon a fetching horse, swoon and sing private lullabies with the dazzling song birds perched keenly outside your colonial window, enjoy the friendship only nature in the natural can bring...

Stare, smirk, and draw forth the nostrils. Might I say without embarrassing either you or me fair Shannon that your face in this photo is quite strikingly one of the most nuanced philosophical statements I have written today. In that 1960s Faye Dunaway mold. From one artist's eye to his mouth...

The above sentimental ditty was composed for a social media friend soon after she discovered some of my work online. We swapped several dozen messages over the next couple of months, and my poetic lapses repeated above were inspired by a particular photo of Shannon.

Her cheeky resemblance to actress Faye Dunaway was striking, well worth mentioning. Seems her brother was in a local band, and she was a creative director for the group. If mem'ry serves, I also believe she was a single mom, caring for a son, a toddler of three or four.


Shooting Birds

16 Mar

Birds of prey
eat bugs of gray

Birds of doom
for you make room

Early bird catches the worm
if late he makes you squirm

Shoot a bird if you don't mind
a sure sign to heal the blind

Birds in feather flock
Together destroy your clock

Birds of prey
eat bugs of gray

Birds of doom
for you make room

[ 2006, Wheeling, WV }

Sick Bird Of Brinkmanship

01 Dec

Throat Visitors

Throat Visitors


Date: Fri Dec 1, 1995 11:20:15 AM

What are you doing? Are you asking for people to create their own web pages? If so I wouldn't mind trying if it costs no money. I don't understsnd this password stuff. We'll have to discuss this in person one of these weekday evenings/weekends...BLUM

Date: Wed Jan 18, 1996 10:25:25 PM

Hey Bob, still haven't seen your birds, but then you never liked mine. Did you know that you can move your GeoCities URL to a location you might prefer over the one I snagged for you. There is a MOVE utility to be accessed from the GeoPages Homepage, if'n you are inner rested. Sorry to hear about that earache. Sue thought she was getting one the other day, but she hasn't complained since. Must have been strong psychic associations, sympathy pains or something along those lines. Anywaze, get well dude. No biggie on the walk.

Date: Wed Jan 25, 1996 1:10:13 PM America/New_York

Well Bob, must have been that half hour hanging out with you and Mortis last week but I've been sick some four days now, sick and more sick. Do you have GIF reading capabilities at the office? Like I wrote you prior to your finally setting up your page, I composed a couple of graphics (Rigormortis inclined) you may or may not find compatible with the urges of the day, but I would like for you to at the very least look at them, and mumble something about why you can't use them. You know, that's the crux of our relationship, so let's not fall down on the job. If you DO have a GIF viewer, then I will try to round up an IBM floppy and download them to that so you can do what you will with them. Meanwhile, keep the shit a flying, or at least, bag it.

Date: Sun Feb 5, 1996 10:30:10 AM America/New_York

Thanks Bob for the antibiotics. I'm feeling much better. Sue is sicker, having lost most of her voice, and is now on the stuff.


"I've always been known to take chances/ My left hand pulls back while my right hand advances. I see pieces of men marching / Trying to take heaven by force..."
—Bob Dylan


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""