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The Telephone Song (And Dance)

10 Aug


Guy Kawasaki


Originally published on October 1, 1996

Still haven't processed my photo op with the Mac Guy Kawasaki...

Have you heard from Landry since the middle of last week? I haven't. And did I tell you what happened when I tried to research the current status of the home ISDN bill still before the Public Utilities Commission (every last one of those 1400 plus dollars) on what is supposed to be a $250 per month flat rate with zero message units? I'm thankful Peter's friend Bret Mingo configured the line and files the papers properly, and alerted me to this nasty little message unit scam that phone companies like to run on us small fry IT startups.

And now that I think of it, it's been a week since I requested a copy of the commercial specs and pricelist by phone. But anyhows, I got quite a bit of runaround at both the telephone company AND the PUC, finally getting a call back from someone in the Department of Energy a few days later(which dazed me for a few seconds until I finally figured out the relational matrix of ifs, ands & buts since he didn't know why he was calling either). Still nothing. He told me I should call the PUC. I told him that's who I thought I had been referred with digits by the telephone company to call. Alas, I rang his office instead. He admitted to being somewhat part of the process, but....

I think I need a telephone job. To know nothing is to fulfill the obligations of the job.


Tacos With Blumstein

03 Nov


Still Punk Still Geek


Originally published Tue Nov 3, 1998
From: Gabriel Thy

Hey Baby! When you get a chance, would you please join the ROCC Foundation mailing list by following the template which successfully logged me into the list. I think it only takes the triggering line in the BODY of the Email, and I think the reason I was failing last night was because I had failed to include my Email address in the command line, so if you just want to help test, send a note to ROCC, put NOTHING, or ANYTHING in the subject line, but write the command line: subscribe digest [insert email address] in the BODY of your note. You should receive two notes if successful, a successful subscription note and a list welcoming note.

We'll later try to sign Danielle MacBeth to the listserv. Hey, this is exciting stuff! Webserver fees associated with are paid in full through December 31, 1998. At that time they will be billed $55.00/month, or if Kevin prefers, a year's pre-paid service will save him 15% off current rates. There are some indications that we are clean with Bret, including SMTP, but I'm not sure. Haven't heard from the TOAD folks yet. Okay, just got off the phone with Glenn. We should have the full operational protocols back in place. Lemme know if you get this test note. Bob's coming over for a taco lunch. Gotta go! Love & lizards...

It's four fifteen and Bob just left. Talk about a three martini lunch! No actually, we drank ice water, ate beacoup tacos, and now we both feel like a nap. I took out a large top sirloin for dinner. Great to have E-mail back. Jennifer Troy took our AMEX number down for billing which I presume starts today. She quoted a flat $250. I didn't query her about the Bell Atlantic charges, not wishing to upset the loveliness of her words: A FLAT $250. Besides, as far as I know, no one at ToadNET really knows where we live except Bret Mingo (and he's not really WITH Toad). He may switch things once he continues to be billed by BA. I say let sleeping dogs lie for the time being.

Just remembered I did put our address on an Email, but as long as Bret and his CORETEL is still the contact for Bell Atlantic I'm not going to worry about it.

Best time ever with Bob, just Bob...


Chameleons Win Pennant, Orange Cap Patrol, Real Estate Wars

23 Sep


Through The Eyes Of Chameleons


Date: Wed Sep 23, 1998 11:01:46 AM America/New_York

We win! Don't know how I came up with eight games left yesterday, but anyhows, we're champs! Good work! How are things in your neck of the woods? I've got so many things to do I don't have time to breathe a free breath, what with my servers offline. Today Sue is calling another company, the one supplying Sue's firm with superchunk T-1 service. We may be able to piggyback into a dynamic situation here. It may take some effort and some extra dollars, but we're pushing forward with the idea. We may keep Bret as backup, or shift most of the cost to Peter, who can't afford it, so Bret may have shot off his foot where we are concerned, but it's one idea at a time here. Don't know all those details yet, but I'm disgusted with the way Bret is charming us.

Glad Wells won the clincher. He'd had such bad luck all year long. losing his perfect game and other shutouts in a C's uniform. But hey man, we did it, despite a few vaporlike managerial squabbles, we pulled together a squad with threads and shoestrings that took the field and whooped this league's collective butt! Another imaginary pennant for my wall. Nice snag with Sampson...

Blum is presently upset that I don't call the cops every night on neighbors I don't hear or see. He does, but he feels so all alone, and...the neighborhood no doubt is trying to go very very bad on us if we can't stop this erosion in its tracks I realize, but I'm just not orange cap patrol material. Been there before, and protect my property and family in other ways that feel more comfortable to me. Bob's realtor says she can only sell his house for a $20K loss at 90K, meaning he has to cough up $20K just to leave credit intact, so he can start again somewhere else less dangerous, less eagerly decaying, so as to raise a baby his wife wants to have. That's not good financial news, no siree, but then we just signed off on that loan based on this house being worth $160K, so might I surmize we're playing the numbers better than he is, despite his infamous business studies in college. I am still forced to choke back laughter at some snide remark he made at my expense a year or so ago which jacked feelings around here for awhile, and will never be forgotten, forgiven yes, but never forgotten by this writer, but I certainly wish him all the better things life has to offer in this pursuit of fatherhood. I think family matters would do wonders for him.

Well, Maria the housekeeper is here. More noise. Later.



22 Sep




Date: Tue Sep 22, 1998 5:49:00 PM America/New_York

Wow! Excited after checking in for the first time in five days to see the C's 5 up with magic number of four, eight games left on a zippered 144 day path atop the Cheney Ten! The backyard looks as good or better in my absence. Thanks to all my plant watering pals!

Drove home to a crazy mess. My ISDN provider CoreTel has gone loco. Friends of friends. Oh boy! Bret switched pipe providers himself requiring a re-establishment of OUR linkage with a fresh cadence of IP numbers on our end as well as his. No problems setting ourselves up here. We've bagged all the necessary signs and with the exception of changing our IP addresses with InterNic (very important, absolutely necessary to the smooth operations of the 'XusNET servers, but not until we have line connectivity again), we appear to be waiting for Bret to get his end simpified. He's acknowledged partially that the problem is on his routers' end, but instead of working to fix this problem he got on a jet plane this morning I believe on his way to a previously scheduled two weeks of cruising the boulevard in California, leaving us nearly, and Peter without even a modem, critically offline. There are a few other server folks also zilched by Bret. Fortunately I have this dial-in modem account still active with RadixNET, and can at least check E-mail, surf, and maintain my client's remote sites. But even the Bookskellar is offline now, and unless I swear out another account with SimpleNET, my commercial doors remain closed to the public. This sucks Bret. This really sucks.

Where I'd really like find a niche in the rather near future is to host a reliable fractional T-1 here from the Dollhouse. Under certain slightly different circumstances meant to reduce financial stress and productivity concerns, I'd like to think it's not too awfully unrealistic to comprehend this current pipeline anguish as simply good timing, and worth a solid shot in realizing other options.
The first part of the week on Fripp, Sue & I even boasted connectivity to our Mac network in DC via modem and software with our new laptop, and we used that ample connectivity for several emergency and a few other occasional tasks. But by Thursday morning, all systems were down, zero operations, router poop, another Black Thursday in our midst. The web server, dead. The mail server, vaporized. Absolute deadzone. And now because of these shoddy maneuvers, Bret is losing the confidence of not a few of us in what CoreTel is capable of delivering, and bottomline is more than an issue of money. Problematic is the question of reliability. Leave the dungeon for just a few days, massive outages, team screeches to victory, and you've only heard the half of it. Can you say inevitability? I—however am riding this current storm with almost slurfish indifference to what Bret is doing about this, notwithstanding apologies to "Xus visitors, but we're taking the moment to consider aiming higher on the foodchain, and if Bret can't supply our simple demands of dependability, perhaps we need to rethink our position with him. But until we are capable of bringing any preferred changes into existence with the genuine vigor of solid growth, I have little choice but to wait on Bret to make good on his supposedly clever decisionmaking skills. While his present management style suffers the consequences of his failure to establish redundancy before pulling the plug on so many, in context, Bret has been delivering ISDN at a very superfriendly price (30% of market rates), and it behooves us to investigate more deeply before any rash proclamations on abandoning the Mingo enterprise zone in favor of another. This sudden interruption to service is not good business, but right now, it is survivable. Where I'd really like find a niche in the rather near future is to host a reliable fractional T-1 here from the Dollhouse. Under certain slightly different circumstances meant to reduce financial stress and productivity concerns, I'd like to think it's not too awfully unrealistic to comprehend this current pipeline anguish as simply good timing, and worth a solid shot in realizing other options.

Rusty over in Adams-Morgan has been without his 'XUS mail account since Thursday the 17th. But an IM session today showed him in good spirits and without gripe.

The trip along the southern mirage was a welcomed success. Did some scanning in spare moments, but had less energy as a whole than I'd hoped. Once back online, pictures of this scan and a few others will be posted to a working web server near you! We snapped five more rolls of film, witnessing an unbelievably pastoral way of life on Fripp Island. Deer in herds of three, five, nine, twelve graze the island yards without fear of man or machine, except when they spring blindly across the road when locked by headlights. I had to brake quickly to avoid collision on three separate occasions one night trip out, even at 25 MPH and less. Earlier, on the way to Fripp, we indeed saw a car wrecked by a deer then quivering along the side of I-95 just south of Wilson NC. But one can nearly rub elbows with these Fripp deer in evening's light. An unequivocally peaceful experience, but one I am glad is over so that the rest of my life may resume.

Go Chameleons! (90-48)



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