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Impossible To Get To Icy Ithaca

23 Jul


Winds of Conscience


Am fighting off a cold, or an allergy in throat and sinus, and its accompanying depression. Impossible to get to Ithaca this week. You're off the hook. I'll challenge Sue to a visit sometime in August if that would be good for you. Are you still kicking the online addiction? Missed you sorely when I checked just now, and still nothing from you. Of course Steve was here most of the weekend, although he went home late each night, and returned the next day. It was great seeing him. I missed him, but now I feel like rotting jungle fungus warmed over the coals today.

Blumstein joined us yesterday for an afternoon to midnight scoot of four-handed cards, loads of grillmunch, beer, and filthy mouth muttering. It was even good seeing Bob on the upside of a three-day sick. The uncertainty principle does not apply to Bob. IT IS CERTAIN he will be sick three days a week. As I may have mentioned, he boasts on some occasions and complains other times of chronic fatigue syndrome. But he was fit as a for a few hours and we all enjoyed him, although Tim mentioned the other day how he noticed that Bob can at times practically suck away your soul with his tired hem and haw manner of speech. Oh well, of all people, he should know. Sue called this morning. She's home safely with the parents in south Georgia. Now there's only the flight back to National on Friday. All's quiet with the Dollhouse shoal.

Love and safety licks...



"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""