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Last Night At The Toad Family Holiday Party


From: Amy van Sant
Date: Fri Jul 2, 1999 7:32:06 PM America/New_York

GOT IT! And like it. And here's a job for you already if you want—I'll send it to you on one of my work order emails—I'll have the stuff you'll need to make it happen tomorrow. Basically, it's a redesign of "famouscarpetcleaner.com" site, the only problem being you will be hampered by a really ugly logo of theirs...

It's a redesign and a few corrections in existing text. If you can do it for $500, it's all yours. Give me the go ahead and I'll send you the work order tomorrow.


At 09:38 AM 12/15/98

Greetings Amy—here's that repost. Was great to finally have a chance to chat. We had a fab time last night at the Toad Family Holiday Party, and will look forward to those "nuisance" jobs you might send my way,


What Did The Bad Brains Mean When They Wrote That?


Originally posted on Thu, 31 Jul 1997 12:46:42

> of bubblewrap. Will be mailed today. Wanna sneak a peek at my newest client?
> http://www.pharaon.com/

Groovy! I'm digging that coptic papyrus global avant garde look. What's the background on this one?

I've picked up a book on Microsoft Visual Basic. Taking my time with it—always the double agent, I'm learning with the hardware, OS, and software of evil.

Applying for many a job—mainly in PA. Hoping to hear on a couple possibilities. Reading Tama Janowitz's Slaves of New York and E. Annie Proulx's (sp?) The Shipping News. Soaking in a lot of net and cable media.

Have you played any tennis yet? I picked up some balls yesterday so I could bang it against the practice wall at the town park here in Bloomsburg. Picked 'em up at the local Walmart. Amazing place, that Walmart. Let me know what's shaking in the District...

Peace. Love. Blueberry pierogies.