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Snapshot of Early Digital Man

19 Mar


Early Digital Man


Originally published March 19, 1997. Text in italics contributed by Stephen Taylor

What the webmaster jobs are requesting is tantamount to a DTP job asking for a wordprocessing specialist who also knew PageMaker, Illustrator, and Photoshop, could output to a Linotronic after running it through Scitex Full Auto Frame, then create plates from the film, set up the four color press, run the entire job, then bind it and take care of circulation. Sure, there are probably a few people out there who could do all those things, but could they do all of them well? You'd probably end up with a typo-ridden, poorly designed, out-of-register, smeared, lopsidedly-bound publication with missing pages. Ah well, it will take a while for the management to catch up with the technology.

I gave it up, and unsubscribed. Don't really need that kind of cutting edge fizzle... Yep, the proliferation of job skills these ad writers include when soliciting a webmaster has wilted my spirits. You know me. No matter how much I know, I figger somebody else out there knows more and therefore deserves the job, so why don't I just cut out the aggravation when I'm rejected by keeping to my course of unemployment. Of course right now, thanks to my special dispensation thru Sue, I now have quite enough work on my plate to tide me through another month or so before I will feel the need to try to increase my daily worth by drooling over the classifieds.

I've felt the same aggravation in reading these and, in fact, in talking with certain employment agencies, "Well, most of our web jobs request ..." I shudder to think of what the pages created by these CGI wonks will look like ... Then again, I have already seen it. And some of them aren't as bad as one might expect—there's plenty of code to steal out there. Perhaps Cascading Style Sheets will allow good designers to truly stand out on the web. Without them, the least common denominator for type evens out the field. Many designers (such as yourself, of course) have gotten around this by using images

Thanks for your comments. Did you finally read AmPsycho? I still think you fit the bill. And the neighborhood storekeep's name is Mister U. Spelled just that way. I have seen it on a liquor license application as an ANC Commissioner. Got my first AMAZON cheque for $13 and a few nickels two weeks ago, and have already sold five this quarter starting July 1. Yippee!

Don't ask me how but it should be fun devising some randomatic system to pick the winner. You were the first to fill out the form, but I've sold thirteen boooks, only 87 to go, although technically since you didn't buy a book, you don't really factor as a qualifier. Maybe by 1999, I'll have a fully functional, well-contented, brimming with smirking texts and bad-ass graphics site that may get more than the thirty or so visitors a month I am currently getting.

That Pharaon contact was Barry Zorthian via BS & Alcalde Fay. Thought I mentioned that already, but whee!

Take care. Sue's called for dinner.


P.S. Another slosh of SET MAIL in my box I see. But will send this before I
read any, since I wrote it last night but got jumped off before sending it.
Still tidying up the New iMote site offline. Will upload all at once, and
transfer all the subterranean stuff over to you know where in the same
session. Maybe toss in a snapshot of early digital man.


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""