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My Early History Thanks To William Gaddis Slipping On Iced Tea

16 Jun

William Gaddis

William Gaddis


Date: Mon Jun 16, 1997 6:39:16 PM

Well, I looked up iMote. Found a page there with a list of Gaddis books for sale. There's remarks on Frolic Of His Own, too. Guess I'll make this my Gaddis link. the current link is to your `favorpage'. You might get a kick out my pages. We certainly share some common interests: Gaddis, Pynchon, Dostoyevski—let me know when you get the Gaddis stuff together, so I can look. —Owen

Owen, thanks for the link to my Gaddis page, but you might want to change the link to the following URL to reflect the major body of work rather than the old GeoCities plot to take over the world I once surmized was as effective as a Gaddis repetition. I will certainly let you know whenever I finally get around to fleshing out the spot, especially now that I know someone out there is claiming interest in the same clues of genius I also sniff.

Yes I got a REAL kick out of your pages. We are nearly the same age, dig many of the same authors, and both wanted to be Bob Dylan, or at least arm-wrestle him. We are also as different as apple pie and cheesecake. You are vigorously educated. I am merely a word-obstructed bibliophiliac, graduating highschool in Fernandina Beach, FL in 1973, and don't care much for the comics underground, although here in Washington DC many of my acquaintances past and present are deeply rooted in that culture. I've never been to Bloomington, but I did live in NW Indiana (Hobart, Valparaiso, Gary, Portage) after highschool for a year, working at Bethlehem Steel Corporation at Burns Harbor (Chesterton). And I visited a punk rocker palomine in Columbus OH grooving in on my motorcycle, which to some of to hardcore rednecks there was but a mere Honda 750 riceburner, but to me a damned righteous ride in 1986. There's a long story in that hint, but I'll save that for later. Swell town that Columbus.

I aim to die as a writer, writer, writer, famous or not, and love the web as much as any 20 year old microserf as I seek to exploit the multimedia pools of my mind with the California tools of my generation, a southern hermit crab canon locked inside my own Macintosh studio as the wife supports dollars and scentswise my own true tales of subordinary madness and recognitions.




"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""