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Two Kinds Of People, Reprise

05 Nov

Voting Patterns

Voting Patterns


Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 14:13:01

Just wanted to go on record that of all those waking up from last night's America today, there are only two kinds of people. People who vote, and those who don't. It's no startling headline that the non-voters can be, in some self-flattering way, more political than the vast majority of the voting population who do however associate themselves with the process by ballot. Whether one believes in the process is irrelevant. Just because it is a fun and a different sort of thing to do, to waste away a few minutes, or hours in some cases, and for those of us independents—having no ego party of our own, who only vote in November elections, we can lodge a repeated memory association of the slightly crisp November air under the bright stunning orb of morning sun beaming down upon neighbors of all flavors filing in together brings to the occasion a special feeling worth celebrating and abiding.

The fact that a huge chunk of zombie voters mope around in a state of cluelessness not only on certain issues, but remain fogged in by the sheer unbearable lightness of the candidates' stances on the issues no more solid than pieces of bad paper blowing in the wind, their conflicts, and their similarities, changes nothing. Distrusting the vote is not a revolutionary act. Staying home does not improve your lot in life. Experiencing the ballot box, however, might very well impact your day in surprising, pleasant ways, and revolutionary ways if you know how to listen to the world around you.

Those who resist the vote merely parrot their own sense of uselessness, supposing themselves above the fray, which is just not true any more than their reluctance to work elevates them from poverty. The non-voters miss out on the chance events, the derivé of the ballot box spectacle, which is okay for those who lead busy revolutionary lives, but for one who rarely leaves the house, I enjoy myself on these annual November outings under the guise of fulfilling some ephemeral patriotic duty to god and country, beggarman, thief, doctor, lawyer, indian chief...

This bit's for Blum. Yet another example of how a picture is a thousand times more damaging that a misplaced word. Poor guy should have been down at the docks soliciting an unused portion of a dirty magazine rather than downloading and storing such junk on the US Navy's nuts and bolts. And he better wash off that virtual tattoo he had burned into his private idahos just before the sugar hit the fan...

Here's somebody on the Spectacle site asking a silly question:"What about Windows? I don't have a Mac." My response, "Given your situation? My advice? Love the one you're with."


"I fought with my twin, that enemy within, 'til both of us fell by the side..." —Bob Dylan

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