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Scandanavian Jazz

04 Feb

"There are some people one loves best,
and others whom one would almost always
rather have as companions."

—Henrik Ibsen

Throw away that awful ticket stub I said. None of us
here need that can of starch. We know by heart
the meaning of fuss. Baby and the Pacifiers
are playing a gig at the Bistro to start.
Roaring inclinations.

We worked out long wars, healing our oyster eyes
with the sweaty breath of evergreen night.
That Lebanon dirt. Manic contours
agreeable to random odor,
magnificently kite.
We knew we couldn't write about
it so we danced.

The proud crystalline swans of our age,
obscuring shades,
sex and stereotype,
wars and rumors of wars,
strikes, balks, and numb nuts,
say hello every sort of way,
wrapping like a nursing maiden's delicate hands
around the seat of our desires,
our strategic pyres,
in place of inspirational jeep: glances
just aren't enough glands.


              She handled
my buttocks and its karma,
so tight and competitively elite,
as I cracked the bloody march.
New Wave Morals.

Immediately I loved her, pledged
a plowboy's pitch across the pink passage
into backyard frenzies. I mulled eloquently
to myself, caught in a whim of fashion,
if I might ought caress the knotted warchest
she portrayed. Her boyfriend's face
I don't recall.

Baby, the pacifiers,
and our wormlike mirrors
responding like thoroughbred
strangers caught in the loosening moods of dawn
were mere constructions of belief.
I worried about my nature to be
direct and innocent. It drove
me to silence.

We never traded namesakes alive.
My boldness froze in cockmassacre
and toes, I twisted & smiled
acres and acres of wilted smiles
planted deeply tapping
her punk nerves sponsoring
my soaring terrain.

Her ravishionary spherical absolutes
aroused my superior being,
those victory moon bavarian breasts
(honorarium of the beasts...)
provoking the shape of things and substance,
my superior being shy,

I danced. She rubbed her baubled paws
again along the fine tight lines my crib
drew against hocus evening shadows,
showing there can be no pretense
denying afresh the vital statistic,
no silly discourteous cocktease
stranding scalps and flirting
humor, hunger, hoary
religions that the idle
refuse to prosper.

          We easily could have
made each other blank members
of a riper version, gambling
on last night's cruise into sane
Richard Hell's visitation,
a vanity cruise highlighting
winning girls wearing nothing
but furs,
idols and onan. We became the idea
and did.

And I felt our mutual flash,
hornspun and cursive,
realizing the mediocrity
a poem of words
beginning of the world
tigers and baboons
thunderbirds and the dung beetle
biting off more than a scientist
can chew,

open clash,
the meaning of her friendship ritual.

She and He
Rocking to and from
in pop style punctuated punk
continuing to
rock to and from
her unannounceable tokens
sheer succulence
well pronounced
shocking my demands on reality,
to and from, rubbing
my arm, now as important
as any zone
I could hope oversimplifyingly
would release me. Graceful
dancer bombardier
balancing virtue
and free baggage. Likelier
choices bait our laughter.
Especially in a gig
of young punk artists

She felt herself.
Above the arms of her date.
The three of us knew the heathen pains
of fate which haunt
heaven and the pawnbroker's
pavilion. And
white hawkish sweaters
bulging through nervous nicotined
smoky husks
in the Bistro late hours.

Autonomous Gazer

21 Jul

We are spaceless stars
doing distance mocking intrigue.

We provoke smut
into the gutted promises
leftover from carbon ages, pumping
each pillow we keep
locked inside

We, like unwanted parentheses, dock
blackbone vigil histories spirited
like single file tortures
by sound, by
apparition. Music in nude.
We are clever winks of spring,
body wind weeping over ancient voices
our parents and dictation keep,
last year's immutable thing.

And even in wet compilations,
we flutter without flock,
indignantly unclocked. No limit.
without ticket stub, ink stamp
or laser beam, we
gather on empty pages
and sky every planet
you request.

We call the bluff
mind patterns swimming thalassic high seas
cast upon dry nets looping the autonomous gazer,
each passing hour its own disease
or zenith licking fastfaze
our matrix razor.

We give good gladiator glare
sweeping the nightclubs, flamingly
assuming glacier tongues, salads of the mainstream
silently stroke around tossed memories, frozen
syllables lost to indifference. We plan
no Wildean head, might fall drunken giants
instead. Dismissal we wear on our sleeve.
We wrap our sins in striped cloth,
losing utter regard in a raw
common bed-boot prayer
stance. We believe.

Our nadirs glow like virgins
in love.

We bathe in mystical quiche
to ease us into outland mirrors,
sandwiching our matter of facts incognito
with a conscience of mayonaisse. We lust
for a quickie, taking all begotten bets
to paved audiences gawking thrift,
cruising eager avenues darkened
for solitude,

where social poverty sits in mood
inspecting its manly stool,
sunshine first laughing then just grinning,
unlocking negligibly static garters disguising
vacant choices wandering eyes damply
thrust toward beginning reason. New jokes
for new dancers. That's the only rule.

And we search new words
for contraband.

[ 1981, Corpus Christi, TX ]


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""