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Stitches And Snatches, Grins From Nacogdoches

11 Oct


Research & Development


Date: Sat, 17 May 1997 07:29:21

Hi Gabe! sorry for the delay, kinda hard to volley with someone who won't return the serve, huh.

I am "saving" scripture letter to read after I list mine. Enjoyed your last transmission, but events preclude my sitting at the computer without interruption. Am having to do three jobs as two of the parent's caregivers have been 'out' and I am starting school, and working away from my office. Will hope for time early next week. Hope all is well in Thy house!


Hey, back atcha George! Glad things are as you put them, stitches and snatches, grins from Nacogdoches, and silence not some ultimate dismissal my everpresent paranoia might have me believe. Thanks for the short note which certainly helped soothe the savage beast inside. Check in when you can, and I’ll do the same. Look forward to your list. Good health and good sonship!


Date: Fri Oct 10, 1997 3:49:12 PM America/New_York

Well old pal,

As you’ve crossed my mind many times in the past few months, what was it, middle of May since you last found your way into my mailbox, I finally took the chance that you weren’t peeved at me for some ungodly reason so much as crowded in a life of things and persons you can see and touch, and simply fuzzied me out of the already blurred picture. I mean, the last I read you were starting a class, and then were to compile a TOP 10 scripture list, having refused to peek at mine until you had completed your own…

Oh well, the best laid plains…

Hope this ruthless old world is treating you and your family, particularly your elderly ones with grace and kindness. I hope to hear from you some day, but if I don’t, what we DID share certainly improved my lot in the spring of ’97.

Best regards,


Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 09:09:52

Another Galaxie heard from. Yes, your latter assumption is the most accurate...the details of life come so rapidly, and with such force, I am only able to work on details that are directly in my line of sight...however, I have not forgotten.

Picking just ten favorite scriptures proved to be beyond my current capabilities. It seems, I would pick some, and others would pop up having more influence and meaning than the last...and so my friend...ANYTHING I say will be a spurrious comment, an insignificant inanity, a compilation of what has only just recently passed under my nose.

Speaking of minutia, have you read about, or seen on TV the lastest discoveries regarding black holes? Steven Hawking et al are coming to some startling conclusions about the space time theories developed by Einstein…as mass goes infinite, time stops. The quantum singularity fits the biblical description of the pit, abyss, hell…from which there is no return, no light at all escapes.
Since last we "spoke," many adventures, and opportunities have come and gone. Summer was too fast this year, with only the bare minimum amount of goofing off. The adventures that I was able to pull off, will have to last me, because from here untill spring, it looks like serious adult type stuff.

My engineering/inventing business took a giant step forward in June, when the President of the company got fired from her day job as Operations Mgr. for a telecommunications company. She went to work full time for me, writing business plans, and setting up trade shows; hireing marketing staff, and design consultants; and generally preparing us to seek venture capitol, and the licensing/sale of new technologies. It is strenuous for me, because everyone feels they have right and duty to 'question' the inventor, pick apart the product, and reinvent the wheel. I've become glazed over, trying to thicken my skin, and supress the urge to just tell questioners "fuck you, if you can't see the future...rot in your own waste in the present!"

We both know how satisfying that is for a moment, but to truly "change" the world, we must bless it's myopia, and try to heal it. To influence, and encourage a way to think differently. We will not transcend the wheel without struggle and sacrifice.

My sacrifice, it seems, is to continue to play the game of patiently waiting for others to "get it." Wade through their arguments about why it won't work, wait through the innanities of financial chaos, and be ready, willing, and able to cheerfully present intellectual property, to anyone who may have the key to utilizing it. Since the only time I'm truly happy these days is in my R&D lab, proving theories, I am aiming at delegating all other aspects of the engineering to contractors, so I can build full time.

Two days ago, I said "screw the world"...turned off the phone, didn't answer the door...and "built" a better mouse trap, that I concieved (and patented) in 1988. It is a vacuum attachment. One baits it, plugs the vacuum into it, and when a sensor is activated by the pest, it automatically vacuums the little critter into a 'safetrap' or disposal bag (depending on how humane the user feels tword rodentia). It is automatically set to get the next one 3 seconds later.

Little stuff like that keeps my mind occupied untill I am able to establish consensus regarding more important issues that Innovative Engineering Inc. has the solutions for; such as, eleminating landfills, cleaning up toxic waste, and overcomming gravity, to name a few.

Oh well, on with the minutia of life.

Speaking of minutia, have you read about, or seen on TV the lastest discoveries regarding black holes? Steven Hawking et. al. are comming to some startling conclusions about the space time theories developed by mass goes infinite, time stops. The quantum singularity fits the biblical description of the pit, abyss, hell...from which there is no return, no light at all escapes.

Well, I hope you and yours are well and happy. Please don't think that I'm ignoring you, if I am not writing...just an overwhelmed thinker, trying to keep up...but am always interested in an exchange, even if time does not permit.



Of Kings And Plural Pronouns

23 Feb

To write the epic of the world
in a few words or less
(in one word or less)
is the method
of Cameo Kidney,
an unfanned philosopher,
a basic star streaker,
a stunning safety soldier,
hiding in the cloak closet,
chaffed but unashamed
that English is the only
language which capitalizes
I while several prize
the pronoun—you.

To be born in my manger,
made affluent in three gifts
by strangers harried from afar,
is the feeling faked everywhere
in the shadow of my birthdate—
and you break out the best dishes
saying, "Your book, if as a canvas
is an ugly painting hanging in all
the wrong places."

Generations of chalk
revile the science of gestures
nicknamed virgins coax to their brow,
laughing and lampooning
Einstein's stepchildren
God was forced to allow.

To kiss them where muses lick,
begetting secrets we shower in song
(Tormenting earth for five months—
eagerly selling dark matter to the sun,
dead idol Beelzebub's a cracking
jokes at the keeper of the knots
"home of the label"
spinning report card eyes
to recall laughter understood
in the vernacular to be fatal.

To accept each hand in marriage
as a lion among the woodpiles
lost on timeshared tee-shirts
admiring the sundown of business
& extreme video conjugations
counting numbers without commas
calling names without numbers
dealing cards without names
shaving beards without cards
booking definitions

Fermi solutions with redlights
poke through.

[1983, Atlanta, GA ]


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""