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Former Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner

10 Nov


Former ANC 6B Chair


Originally published Tue Nov 10, 1998 from Gabriel Thy to his wife...

Not for a low achieving web hosting company, but if I keep devouring this damned inspirational Huey Long book, internalizing a few lessons from the Kingfish and his diabolical knack for barreling past any detractor or stonewall in his path, I just might imagine and execute some way to raise the necessary $2000/m (approx. 30K after working class taxes) to be spent on Blumsteinian office and rental space (approx.$1200/m, upkeep et cetera) and a reliable T-1 connection ($800/m).

Then we might very well bring all these strands of genius together, founding a web publushing house matching strong editorial commentary with a focus on putting our Stadiium Armory (6B13) area on the Hon. Anthony Williams economic development map of the future (GASS and ROCC). We may very well and quite justifiably use tonight's Dateline hint to finance this grassroots campaign, as I am secure in my arguments defending such a fund-raisng project should traditional revenue generators fail me (all indications are they have), if only we can get a reliable pipeline service immediately into place. Despite a rash of earlier enthusiasms I am free to admit that ToadNET is decidedly blowing any confidence I had in them only a week ago.

I am also pondering a plan to offer the ANC the Performa-LaserWriter package, full training to the ANC office personel on the Mac, and even setting them up with a dial-up account in EXCHANGE for the tax write-off, the obvious publicity PLUS unimpeded access and full publishing rights to ALL of its public records to be displayed on an ANC 6B website 'XusNET will design and maintain as 'XusNET sees fit. The seeds of greatness never die with those armed with a just cause whatever the opposition. If the Hon. Eleanor Holmes Norton shows tonight, the need for an effective pitch to gain access and a powerful voice within the local political arena cannot be overstated. If I, as a former Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, falter (feeling not quite prepared to win the war but only to give initial notice) or am rejected for political reasons, I can still bide until a more perfect situation presents itself.

I expect to hear from CHAMPS in the next few days . . .

Gabriel Thy
Creative Director/Webmaster
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