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Holidays In The November Sun

24 Nov


Memory Cache


Date: Tuesday, November 24, 1998 3:29 PM

Sorry for the delay with the 4th picture, but I have Anna. That should say it all.

Please, please come on down to Fripp and be with this part of your family for Thanksgiving. We would LOVE it. You answered before I had a chance to ask if you could ride as far as I-95 with Sue, now I know she has already left, but come on down—nothing like impromptu fun and food together.

Love and Happy Thanksgiving to you, hope it is here!

Thanks Maude for identifying those folks. It means a lot that you're helping me on this. I trust you've seen the fourth picture in the batch, and didn't quit prematurely. I haven't received any mail on that one. There are three clarifications I need. The two white hairs tic tac toeing Kitty, and Mr. Mayfield's first name...actually Francis is on the left. Is that Beth on the right? Current last names? As for copies, give me some time, and I'll have reproduce some of the best shots and make a gift of them to you, please. My photos are all so much in gross disorder at this moment, but 1999 should finally bring me some peace in that area. They are all packed away in 11 beautiful photo boxes years and themes all mixed together without rhyme or reason, except for the some more recent stacks I've now LABELED AND SCANNED (did some of THAT while on Fripp) not even in a box yet but stacked along the shelf waiting for a box to empty so they can move in! About ten percent of my archives have been labeled but probably only a tenth of that have been also scanned, so no doubt I've got my work cut out for me.

At my word, I'll make you some nifty enlargements, but you know the web (and a CD-ROM) is where I'm taking all this, God willing. When that time arrives, when the bulk of my work is online, it will be very exciting to have the scattered family come together for community spirit with pictures and other resources on ourselves so that we can indeed once again KNOW that we are FAM-uh-LEE...(my own acute sense of post-boyhood alienation is speaking here).

Saw the gastroenterologist today. She was helpful and encouraging. Next Monday I have blood work and small bowel x-rays to help weed out the possibilities causing my distress. In all, she seemed confident we can address these without alarm. My vitals are still pretty good, despite the weight. I'll let you know more as news filters in through the chain of command.

How are you two feeling these days? Sue's now in Georgia. I'm catching up on work now that we are FINALLY past the connectivity issues I hope. Would trade diamonds to be on Fripp with the most delightful nest of my family for another sublime share of David & Maudie's famous lowlander hospitality, but as it is I will entertain an acquaintance and his new girl on Thanksgiving here at the Dollhouse.

So here's wishing all of you a splendid holiday, wherever you are.

Love and cranberries,


Rogue Turkeys, Crippled Pilgrims, Other Fine American Visiting Traditions

24 Nov


Norwegian Holiday


Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 8:19:35
From: Timothy S. Shipman

So it looks as though it's going to be one of those days, at work....slower than death. Did, in fact, receive the message that you called, but got it pretty late, and of course forgot to call you back on Sunday. I imagine it had something to do with the work you had in mind for me.

So did you manage to have a good Thanksgiving?

As for me, I went over and visited with Chris Reed and Lyzbeth for a short time before meeting-up with the folks, to go eat at the White Tiger, a new incarnation in an old restaurant location at 3rd & Mass Av NE. It has been everything from Man In The Green Hat to Cafe Capri, where I used to deliver pizza to Bangcok Orchid to its present moniker...


TYPE IN A SUBJECT HEADING IF FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN TO SYNCHRONIZE, oops, sorry for the shouting that this ALL CAPS typing infers, but as I was saying, than to synchronize with all the other notes lining the mailboxed and defrocked worlds of chat and the chatted on my hard drive and yourn.

Civilized manhood truly soaks up the free time. It’s a good thing in the long term if I can fake having plenty of it, time that is, not civilized manhood. Maybe I’ve got that mixed up. Depends on which side of the clock you’re standing behind and whose civilization we’re fighting for…
Shared a pretty decent meal and some idle conversation to make Thanksgiving par for a small group of bogeys that we've reluctantly become. Epstein came over (I hadn't seen him since your birthday bash at the IRISH TIMES a few marches ago), and we plus Allie and an old college chum of BB's named Kevin Kelly burst our collective guts next door. I'd churned together a rather nifty pineapple dressing which Bob stuffed into his 12 pound turkey to complement the quite meaty well-received crab casserole I almost finished up for breakfast this morning. To top it all off Blum served pumpkin pie and whipped cream he'd mashed together from scratch, yes, from scratch both the pie and the whip, including a superb flakier than storebought crust. And I don't even like pumpkin pie, but Bob's is the best I can imagine. I think somebody cracked a pilgrim joke. A few Ben Franklin fuck and fart proudly references. Got to love the literate crowd that breeds around Blum. A belch and a rollover. Some beer. Some wine. Some after dinner coffee. It was pure November cosmos, whimper, laugh tracks, and rust. I should have brought over one of my poinsettias to kick the table appeal up a notch, but it wasn't my call, and Blum doesn't take too kindly to suggestion, not mine anyway...

Later Epstein followed me back to the Dollhouse, hijacking my computer for the next couple of hours to web wonk before squeezing directions out of me in dogged pursuit of TRAX for hetero night, the ever evasive holiday lay, and mad rocker life at 29. I then doubled back over to Bob's for another slice of pie and a few purge scenes on the telly before yawning back out the door again, glad the holiday slurf was finally over, done with, and dutifully repackaged as recent past only a couple of crude snapshots can truly bring back to life. I should have insisted on a group fotoplasty, but in weakness of will I didn't.

I snag Sue from the airport tomorrow afternoon, early evening actually. Bob and Allie tie the gordian on December 5, Friday. Bob Dylan at the 9:30 Club later that evening. The following Monday I wobble into jury duty. Civilized manhood truly soaks up the free time. It's a good thing in the long term if I can fake having plenty of it, time that is, not civilized manhood. Maybe I've got that mixed up. Depends on which side of the clock you're standing behind and whose civilization we're fighting for...


Searching For Epstein

09 Nov


Richmond, VA


Date: Mon Mar 16, 1998 8:59:56

Hey Dave, me again. Epstein called the other day and wanted me to touch base with you on swapping links. I don't knoiw why he cares, but I'll concede if you do. I have laid in some infrastructure for a DC friends and foes section on my Scenewash Project site where I can accommodate Sean's urges. You can visit my two sites listed below, and link to onem both, or neither of them. Just let me know what you want to do. I'll stick something on my front page at the Project relating to a quickie link to your page, if you decide you want to follow through on this.

Otherwise, have a cracker on me...


At 8:18 PM -0500 11/9/97, Dave Gerster wrote: Gabriel, I'm not sure I know you...?
—David Gerster, The Sisters of Morrissey

No, but I've known Epstein for nearly a decade, and I know that counts triple in cat years. I sent you that piece because I had just written it, and felt is was a decent followup to what Sean and I were grumbling about on the phone yesterday. I was hoping that the title would clue you and you might print the piece for Epstein to read. Meanwhile, hey, I'm Gabriel. I don't get out much these days; too old, fat, tired, and busy on my website to browse the streets and nightclub scene much anymore. Nevertheless I was invited to Galaxy Hut last night but my wife had the car until 8PM and we were both too beat to make it back out the house, being early risers (I'd been up since five AM and drinking since noon, she'd put in another shift at work) et al...

You've created a pretty nifty rock page. I listened to your tunes. Particularly like FOOLS, SUN, and HYMNAL in that order...DREAMS really sucks. What platform do you work from? Always a platform ad software geek, so I ask unabashed I currently command a Mac 8500/120, whoa Nelly, with 80MB RAM.

Gabriel Thy
Creative Director
Project Scenewash


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""