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Recommend Avoidance Of Frames

12 May

Avoidance of Frames

Avoidance of Frames


Date: Tue May 12, 1998 1:08:47 PM

Greetings Jim—No answer at your office this morning, but I've researched the AOL proprietary protocols, and have concluded that once you have established the INCOMING directory, we can get started. I cannot access your utilties or upload buttons at this time (read below in the "TO UPLOAD A FILE to another member's FTP space" section, if you are uncertain what I am addressing). Of course, I am perplexed how Aaron has worked your site without this incoming directory in place. The most obvious answer is that he knows your password as an AOL insider. I also don't like the way he has set up the site with regards to directories, and would prefer, as you've also suggested, to start from scratch.

You know, after looking at this site a bit closer, it is rather simple, and can probably be done at around $500 if you settle for an HTML solution to your trivia quiz instead of Java, and if you avoid frames but opt for simple redundancy in appropriate places on your pages. I'd recommend the avoidance of frames. The same look can be accomplished with less complexity, and this serves both YOU in cost savings and potential visitors who may not have a framesworthy web browser, in nasty machine crashes or blank screens.

I see no problem in finishing your site in two days once all the preliminaries are out of the way. But for this to run smoothly, I must have access (YOU MUST CREATE THE INCOMING DIRECTORY) and a check for at least half the amount due. I will post the WireDoctor on the iMote site until you have signed off on the work, and have paid the remainder due, then the site will be transferred to your AOL account. Original graphics (animated and static) are the big money items, but my policy is to guarantee you will LOVE the $800 solution. Less flash and glitter shave your costs down to $500. It will still look professionally done, but will be slightly less graphics intensive.

Jim, let me be honest. My contracts are usually in the $2-3K range. Your job is smaller than what I usually accept, but your web vision is both interesting enough and complex enough to intrigue me so that I am willing to accept your business at somewhat lower rates. If you agree that you wish to sign on with Graphic Solutions Ink Systems, please call me to confirm the level of design you wish. And as I said last night, regardless of your decision, I look forward to having an outside electrical outlet installed.

One other thought, I think that YOU will have to transfer the site from the incoming directory to the default directory in order for it to be accessed by the general public. Of course this would be unnecessary, if I worked directly with password access, but for your own security since you will be handling the updates anyhow, I (and AOL policy) recommend you not give out your password since you still need to learn how to transfer files in order to keep the WireDoctor site refreshed.


Gabriel Thy
Creative Director
Graphic Solutions Ink Systems

Day At The Office In Three Notes Or Less

12 Mar


Renaissance Girl


That same flashing pilgrim URL I fixed yesterday has returned to its destabilized ways. Yours, too. Maybe it's a memory problem, but I really can't fathom exactly why. Each picture loads once but stops on the last one without recycling, although it works fine in the beginning because I always check them out. Yet the smaller, less frame-intensive banner animations still work. By the way did you notice I activated counters for your two new sites late Sunday night. And geez, that iMote TOC image map works like a charm from the GeoCities backdoor but not from the virtual server at iMote (TABnet). You just know things are going to get better in time, according to Moore's Law, but with bandwidth and modem speeds always poking us in the eye, I wonder if this will ever be worth all the strained nights spent in labors not of love but in testicle-numbing desperation...


Well, solved the imagemap duh...

Issue was in the HTML include. Should obey my mental notes. But there's one thing that still bothers me as a designer from a purely aesthetic perspective. All the books say continuity across a site is THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT of a layout, but until I master tables (yesterday when you called for CoolTalk I was flailing through Globetrotter trying to grip this next stage of design, it allows no frames) so that I can keep at least one section of the screen unchanged, I'm afraid I like experimenting far too much to stick to any SET design look. I'm a creative mess, I'm afraid, but I simply wanted to document problems and solving times, so here you go...

If I (we?) ever solve this animated GIF problem, here's what I will do: if you can get ten of your tekki buds to drop by and sign the iMote guestbook with some camouflaged clue that they would be interested, I'll follow up on that idea you had via a hidden door. Nothing close to kitchen duty, but how about a dozen or so knockdown dragout amateur babes in the raw chewing on nothing but a wonderful GeoCities URL necklace draped strategically to block the critics...

Check out Wayne Curtin's motorcycle vrrrooooom soundbyte on his page. It takes a short while to load of course but is seamless, and plays each time the page is refreshed.

I'm sure you remember Wayne is chief lobbyist for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, having relocated here from Sturgis. It's not a very slick page, but the sound is slamming, and the page is functional. Can't wait until I put the iMote elephant and a few other choice bytes out there on mine...

Still sleeping irregular hours, but I am vigorously planning the next 48 around the CoolTalk and Howrey Simon tours....


Peace, love, and far out web pages on the fly...


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""