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Technology Alert! Sniff, Snatch & Scroll

18 Apr


Technology Meltdown


Sometime between 10-11 AM this morning, my web, mail, and DNS servers went poop. I suspect that the mail server I use is the culprit, and despite having technology in place to automatically restart the machine if the web server fails, the mail service I run does not utilize this technology. This mail server software has functioned brilliantly until a few months ago since 1998. I suspect a viral attack of some sort or another although I have found nothing directly linking several odd symptoms with any corrupting or corrupted file. That said, this machine currently requires manual rebooting, and alas, both my wife and I are hundreds of miles away from it as of this writing, and it won't be until sometime late Sunday, April 23 before one of us can restart the machine. standard e-mail, and no SCENEWASH PROJECT or STEEL & GRISTLE websites until then. Of course, MySpace is unaffected. I apologize to those many of you, thanks to Chuck, who have been or would be checking out my paintings in anticipation of the Grand Opening of YESTERDAY'S in a couple of weeks.

I'll post another announcement when all is well again, and I suppose I need to seriously consider new digs for my websites, or make the effort to flush out this culprit, whatever it is that freezes up a low volume mail server that has cruised for more than 7 years without EVER crashing, to now taking a dive every couple of weeks or so, and as always, at a most inopportune time.



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