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Nothing Like A Zesty Holiday Party To Stir The Punch Bowl Slowly

29 Jan


Capitol Hill Hoiiday Mixer


To: Scott Sanger
Date: Fri Jan 29, 1999 9:20:04 AM

Hi Scott—trust the rush of the holiday season has effectively passed, and you are now well-grounded in the new year. I'm somewhat surprised that I haven't heard from you since the CHAMPS holiday party, a sales pitch, a newsletter, or something along normal lines of community outreach.

Does this mean that CHAMPS doesn't exactly view Graphic Solutions Ink Systems as a perfect fit, or has your workload simply been such that we're still on that Scott Sanger list of things to do?

In any case, I'm just re-establishing contact. Of course, I'm less enthusiastic that I am actually filling a genuine gap what with GCS just down the street, but I did talk with those guys (both Brad Johnson & his partner whose name I seemed to have misplaced) over the phone, and in fact, just to show you I'm as guilty of the same slack as I'm zestfully accusing you, I have been meaning to touch base again with them.

Anyway. Give me a shout. I am still interested in becoming a dues-paying member in 1999, getting our business recognized on the CHAMP website, and generally pulling our weight. Please let me know how to proceed.


Gabriel Thy
Creative Director
Graphic Solutions Ink Systems


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