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Flash In The Pan Fells Pointers United For Marti Party

01 Aug

Fell Pointer

Fells Pointer


Date: Tue Aug 1, 2000 3:25:03 PM

Hey sweetie—just finished the Marti Party site. Check it out! Await your approval before I roll out the pink carpet to Hank and Marti and whomever else THEY decide to dragnet. Perhaps I can say, ok, here's the site, will be up for a week, get your pictures now before I change the password. The stage is set.

Sue quickly sweeps through the site. "These are the ones that said "file not found" 5, 13, 33, 57, 64. Then there was the annoying thing of the picture number disappearing after it had been clicked. Do the girls know their tits will be exposed? Don't want to get into a big mess over a few pictures. Although there are more of me exposed than anyone else. A week sounds fine."

"I'll check the FNF instances, but the disappearing numbers trick was intentional. Once clicked, the visited link changes to white, the same color as the background. The links are still there, still clickable, but the color change as usual, indicates a previously visited link. I just wanted to mess with people I guess by making each picture a one thing opportunity, except to those clever enough to figure out what was going on." I respond.

To the casual power user, the Internet is always changing, so much so, one is almost reluctant to link outside one's one site, as within a few months those links will no longer exist. And observers of the NSA have recently begun to admit that of all the terrabytes stored in that huge array of computers, the sheer volume of information sabotages the intent, and besides, privacy activists are now trying to pull the electricity on that place, as I write this postscript in December, 2013.
"What girls? Did I miss a cat's eye or two? Twice by Marti, once solo and once with you, a couple of you and Anne Marie, a handful more of you alone, but to my knowledge no others gave a phreak show. And I figure that those rare moments of candor in their peachy keens are the ones they, and probably the Hankster as well most want to see, though I'd hazard a guess they might deny this under certain unsportsmanlike circumstances, hmmm, so I'm going to leave the level of discretion up to them.

"Those five "file not found" numbers you mention resulted because the automatic camera sequence numerals (filenames) don't exist because of a bad exposure, a goofy floor shot or some other unsalvageable snafu that caused me to dump them straight into the trash upon first viewing them, and in my haste to get this page done, I sped through the layout process without trying to figure out which ones were missing. Thanks for the ID because I might just go back in there now that I know which ones could use a picture, and swap out with some others I have slumming around the hard drive we've taken, no 'Mardi Gras' shots mind you, just a few pics to fill in the gaps. I feel this is tame royalty. Can't seem to make it down to New Orleans for their annual bash, or Key West for their winsome street festival, then we just make our own little 'Marti' Gras here among the Fells Point aristocracy...

"Okay Fells Pointers, those are the ground rules. Getcha glossy goo while you can, nothing lasts forever, especially on the Internet!"

Editor’s Note: My last statement while appearing false at first glance, with all this news of NSA harvesting, is still very true. To the casual power user, the Internet is always changing, so much so, one is almost reluctant to link outside one’s one site, as within a few months those links will no longer exist. And observers of the NSA have recently begun to admit that of all the terrabytes stored in that huge array of computers, the sheer volume of information sabotages the intent, and besides, privacy activists are now trying to pull the electricity on that place, as I write this postscript in December, 2013.

One week later. Marti pops in "Ha! Fabulous reply! Thanks ever so much!  And I have every intention of crawling up with Hank as soon as he'll let me....(ahem..Hank?) Thanks again, Gabe, for putting that together. Interesting stuff. Here's what I have surmised after reviewing:

1.  $600 was WAY too much for that party.
2.  I should have partied with you guys...seems like you had more fun.
3.  Ann Marie is a FOX!!!!!!
4.  What I lack in mammories, I make up for in areola.
5.  What I lack in teeth, I make up for in areola.
6.  All that and I still didn't get laid.
7.  Site should be called:  "HANK'S ADVENTURES AT MARTI'S PARTY"
8.  Damn, Ann Marie is a FOX!
9.  Hank has a gorgeous smile.
10. Sue's boob is bigger than mine...but my areola is bigger than hers!
11. Was anyone else at the party besides Hank, Gabe, Sue, Susanne, Ann Marie, me and Aaron?

Anyway, thanks again. Fun to go through the photos! I'm in the process of saving them to disk.

"Thanks. Glad to have been there. Well, the irony with pictures is that while most people enjoy a snazzy snapshot of a stranger in various stages of human activity, not every stranger likes to have their face, gathering organs and organettes, goo hair goo, spiked or spackled eyelids, claw city fingernails, plastic pearly haloes,dirty love tracks and other dangerous liasons photographed by strangers, particular by a big ugly goon like myself, simon says please stand still while I snap snap snap away your soul while bagging the gist of your surfside secrets, snap snap snap into nowhere fast, invasion of privacy yadda yadda, so unless sanctioned I tend to stick to people I know, particularly in a public bar. Bar attitude can turn to scar certainty really quick where rogue cameras are concerned, particularly here in the DC scene, which of course sucks for somebody like me who likes to photograph interesting people in general
in staged affairs and gonzo—so I will respond in kind:

1. Yeah. We spent some $600 on a party back in the late Eighties, and felt like something had gone terribly wrong the morning after.
2. I thought you WERE with us, for the most part, weren't you?
3. Ann Marie IS a FOX!!!!!!!
4. On a tight tiny frame like your, your tits are titanic, and yes, large dark areolas are worth every precious inch of canvas they spot.
5. What I lack in teeth, I make up in girth and intelligence. My areolas aren't much, but the trumpeting elephant bursting out of my chest in tattoo and tonsil is witness and standard bearer to that same girth and intelligence.
6. Imagine that. I was under the impression that you were crawling up with Hank that night. He of course issued that impression, but then, after getting his car towed away earlier that day, Hank wasn't much of a happy camper given the fact that Hank is pretty much always a happy camper.
7. Enough said.
8. Damn, Ann Marie is a CHINCHILLA!
9. I've noticed that it sort of creeps up on him, starting in one side of his mouth to spread from sea to shining sea.
10. I'm not quite sure this is correct, but comparisons always depend on the angle and lighting of the measurement. And there is always the plaster mold test.
11. Uh, I dunno. Who ate all your food? Somebody did. I took a few bites, but we had JUST eaten before arriving there at the Eye that day. Who were those elderly ladies goosing against the wall? Wasn't some dog there with a chick named Mary? Was that really her name? Oh, what a blur. And of course there was Bruce the Bashful. Oh what a blur."


Rodents Invade, Dignity, Dave & Jen's Booby Guarantee, Parrot Island

09 Jun


Dignity Ain't Never Been Photographed


From: Karen Spangler
Date: Wed Jun 9, 1999 1:46:07 PM America/New_York

Hey Gab, It is good to hear you are surviving in this crazy world. Sorry to hear about your rodent problem. Would you like to have a cat? That would solve the problem. I have one that I'm trying to give away. She is a little sweet thing but I'm sure the rats wouldn't know any different. Let me know.

Sounds like I missed an adventurous evening. I haven't talked to Sue since before you guys went out. I guess I need to give her a call. Sue is pretty funny when she has had a couple of drinks. Well, work is just nuts right now. We have a big meeting tomorrow with all of the CEOs of Apple, Sun, Dell, IBM, HP, etc. Gab, it was good to hear from you and let's talk soon. One of these days, you guys have to meet my new mainsqueeze!!

It was a nice surprise to get mail from you Karen! Yeah, Sue told me about your new guy, but she couldn't remember his name. My apologies as a result of the folks we were going to flag at the old Parrot Island Bar changing gears on us, shifting the party up to Cockeysville, which we drove on Saturday afternoon and back Sunday morning. Originally I was trés stoked on the fact that six of us were a rendezvous package pulled together on short notice and in such poetic clockwork form. That would have been wonderful serendipity. When the plan collapsed, I was sad, little boy sad. But we had a good time frolicking past the flashbulbs nevertheless.

Susanne and Hank, who live there in Fells Point, are nice enough folks as Marylanders go, well, Hank is. Susanne can be a bit of a boring snit sometimes, but is a fashionista, and absolutely charming when it suits her, so it would have been fun to spend the day on their boat then meet with you guys and the web boobie people at PI that night. Turns out as you may already know by now, new management and new name killed those plans. Said Susanne, and later Dave, of the Dave & Jen show. The latter couple are genuinely nice folks too lemme say. A marvelous meeting them and their friends. Well, Sue got a bit too self-consciously drunk and nasty for her own sake, but she survived without too much loss of face, felt bad for it, and all that, and I think everybody enjoyed meeting us, and no harm was done. I whisked Sue out of the party just after one-thirty in the morning, and snuggled her into the Hampton Inn sheets, where she slept like a baby.

I'd snapped five rolls of film, well worth the effort. Now isn't THAT just darling!

It's been a busy spring around here, and phooey, after all my hard work, we now host one or more nasty clawing stinking pesky rats in the house. Above my head while sitting at my computer one day last week I heard this scratching and squealing sound coming from between the floors. It went on until I started thumping at the spot. The noise stopped. A couple of nights later evidence was found in the bread loaf left on the night counter. Indeed, rodents had invaded. It never ceases around here. The war on dignity. Coincidences, messages from the darkside? This morning I found two holes in my yard. Rat tunnels. My cup runneth over!




"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""