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Dummy Page For My Old Pal

11 Sep


Phasing It Out


Date: Thu Sep 11, 1997 9:31:26 AM America/New_York

Hi, my name is Michael Bussius. I am trying to trace my family history. I did a search and "the Bussius Branch" at your location. I am requesting any information you could give me about this site. If you could maybe have the person in charge of that page to contact me by way of e-mail, i would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, Michael David Bussius

Hey Michael, sorry I can't really be of much help to you. Although I do remember you from a few months back when you signed my guestbook, promised to get back, and sure enough you were true to your word. The problems on this issue are severalfold. The reason you found my site in a search is because I set up a dummy page for my old pal Rob Bussius because of my plans to document the Washington, DC underground music scene from the middle Eighties to early Nineties of which the two of us were fringe participants. Unfortunately I have never gotten around, and it'll be some time yet, to constructing the Bussius or ANY of those topical pages, busy as I've been with so much other web material. In fact I have split my site into two sites, iMotedotcom for my Internet consulting business, and Project Scenewash for those personal artistic visions which plague my life. The infrastructure is in place; the pages are not.

Rob, meanwhile was here on a visit with his wife and child for the first time in over two years back this past June. He's in the US Army stationed in Hawaii. His mother is fully German. His father, second generation German-American, I believe. His grandfather was a Nazi party member. Rob has promised to write more often from the bunker than he has but so far I haven't heard from him. While he was here I showed him your guestbook signing, and had him sign. But that's about the extent of it. From his mother's side of the family there is supposed to exist some Prussian castle still associated with the family. At one point he and his mother were considering moving there, but did not.

Best I can offer is to keep in touch. Should I hear from Rob again I'll brief him on your most recent inquiry, and let him take it from there. He is not to date Internet savvy, but is studying hard to make sergeant in the forces. Thanks for visiting.

Peace, love, and roots of all boll weevils,

Gabriel Thy

Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 17:29:29

Hello again, thanks for answering my email. I actually found your friend Rob's number and address on the Internet. I tried to call him but he was in the field. Again thanks for your reply.


Michael Bussius


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