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My Personality Disorder Is Calling Me

13 Sep

Kate In The Kitchen

Kate In The Kitchen


Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 21:45:56

You did it, buster, and without a speck of help. But can you get that image map thing to work? HTML personality is easy, but coordinating all that other stuff, now that's the sinew of the true hypertext bone bearers...

Our anniversary. Number 11. Nothing external planned. Was hoping Steve would drop by tonight but I guess he has now slipped into a bouncy inertia which is leading him straight to the woman of his dreams, or maybe mine, whatever. He's too busy for me in this hour of ephemeral need. After nearly a year of alleged indifference—my sensors cannot decode his silence, or general slack—concerning women, but he is now on the prowl.

I am comforted by the fact that I finally got something up on iMote even if the HTML is bogus. It was worth this evening's effort. Now onto the hot bard wire, as a sweet paraphrase of Tom Howell's wedding message would have us...

My personality disorder is calling me...


"Create like a God, Command like a King, and Work like a Slave..."


On Tue, 29 Oct 1996, Gillian McIver wrote

I really really hate Bob Dylan he is a lousy hippy for god's sake and religious too. What kind of anarchism is this? —Gilt Ikonoclast

Too bad you're woefully misinformed, Gillian. His anarchy blew the world away, felling millions, and frankly, is the ONLY kind that makes any sssssssense until the next one arrives. That worked for him. That will work for me, not that I'm comparing personalities, or results, merely reiterating that single principle of speaking for myself, myself only. Dylan outwitted everybody, but the guy upstairs as he might put it. How he pulled this off was HIS OWN voice in the wilderness, the ultimate anarchy, sister. He DID IT now you DO IT.

IkONOCLASM is a two way mirror. I see you and nothingness GREW? Who's your point guard, the harried bomber hanging out down at the dynamite factory or the hand grenade general store tossing a couple of quick soda pops down the gullet while plotting the next outrage? It's ALL BUT been done before. Line up, sigh and sign autographs. Anarchy is on the skidz...

But yes, the firebugs will have their way again. It's the way of nature. Terra and cosmology.


"I fought with my twin, that enemy within, 'til both of us fell by the side..."
—Bob Dylan


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""